Warning: Spoiler alert

Jurassic Park Trilogy could be one of my favorite movies of all time. I remember myself able to recite every single dinosaur that appears in the movie. I even wish for a pick-up truck or an off-road utility van as my dream car because of the influence of the movie. Well, that was before. And because it reached the third sequel of the movie, I thought Jurassic Park III will be permanently closed to the public since the beasts held captive always escapes their cages. You know the routine of the movie, the more badass the dinosaur, the higher chance it stands-out; Protagonist escapes the razor sharp teeth of death and all ends well…until the Jurassic World came in changed it all.

When I said “change”, I didn’t really meant they changed everything. Jurassic World isn’t far from the original Jurassic Park. As Owen Grady, performed Chris Pratt, said, “It’s like taking a stroll through the woods…65 million years ago.” Yes, it is still like a walk in the park—gone wrong. But what does really makes the Jurassic World different from the past dinosaur zoo we know?

b1Here are five of the dozen new and improved things that the Jurassic World has from the previous Jurassic Park movies (the other 7 is up to you and see for yourself) :

  1. The first thing that I noticed is that the Jurassic World is now more like a Disney Land except that the rides were unique from living dinosaurs to over-sized hamster balls. They use trains upon entering the park’s infamous gate. That’s good since every business should undergo countless ways to develop.
  2. Another promising is the park’s new water feature: Most zoo or theme parks feed their sharks with smaller animals or plankton. But in Jurassic World, it was the shark that is being fed to an even larger dinosaur. It’s just like a Sea Lion’s feeding time but in an appearance of 60 feet, 15 ton Mosasaurus in 3,000,000 gallons of water-filled pool.
  3. Raptors were tamed and trained like elephants. These four Velociraptor brothers were named Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo. Owen even run with them like a pack of wolves and formed a tactical attack to the menacing gigantic raptor-in-a-T-Rex’s-body called Indominus Rex. I find that scene really amazing.
  4. The film makers made the whole movie breath-taking, I almost forgot the Jurassic Park trilogy’s most popular asset; the Tyrannosaurus Rex which only came out near the last part of the movie and was being lured out by the park’s Operations Manager Claire Dearing, performed by Bryce Dallas Howard, with a light torch and wearing her stunning white high heels.
  5. Dinosaur teamwork. Yes, the very first time I saw that happened with three types of Dinosaurs to defeat the Indominus Rex. T-Rex do the brawling, the last of the Velociraptor brothers for quick attacks, and the best finisher kill goes to the water terror Mosasaurus Rex. How? Watch it.

raptorsOverall, the movie is jaw-dropping and you would say if the dinosaurs were actors/actresses, they might probably fill their caves with Oscar awards.

The only thing that disappoints me is the part when Owen didn’t allowed the last raptor to be with him, although it’s the better choice. Trust me, you don’t want to walk a raptor on a dog leash every morning. I’m pretty sure he knows that a dinosaur belongs to the wild and a raptor in your home is not a good idea.

Take my advice; before you watch the Jurassic World, you can expect the plot but never expect the scenes.