We have many types of friends. Even once in our life time, we all had a funny friend, a competitive friend, a supportive friend, and even a freeloader friend which we all had. These friends come and go depending on our different circumstances and how we take care of them. Some of these friends we met around our home, at school, and at work. Friends are essential especially at work. They can cheer you up when you’re down, pat your head when you done great, treats you lunch when you’re broke, and become your inspiration in doing your job. If you need a good motivation to work hard, aside your pay, you need to have this kind of friend and here are their characteristics:

  1. Rarely glad about work suspension

work suspensionThey are rarely glad about suspension. Most of them even hate it maybe because they don’t have anything to do at home, or maybe they will not get paid.

  1. Work suspension and weekends are different

komedi_1445745366235_145You will rarely hear them consider weekends or work suspensions as rest days. They don’t recognize work suspensions as part of their week. They don’t look forward to it.

  1. Often agrees to sudden change of schedule

tumblr_lndivtsg7j1qafvfto1_500Getting rescheduled is not a problem for them. As long as they can work, they will find a way and adjust for their job. Very dedicated.

  1. Considers himself/herself late with 15 minutes or below before shift starts

rush-hour-travelersIf they are not afraid of their superiors, rules, or punishment, the reason will non-other than they respect their work schedule. For the ones who woke up early just to get to their office, not getting their feet in the office floor 15 minutes before their shift starts is already a threat.

  1. Works outside the office and his home

image-1404720315103Again, if the work is suspended half-day, expect your hard-working friend will still continue working in his/her home or while chilling out in a café. For them, a task should be completed and you can’t say a word against it.

  1. Never gets tired of doing the same task for more than a couple of years

2013-08-23-tumblr_m08celcrnT1r3isxuo1_500I can’t find a research conducted on how many times before a person gets tired of doing the same task but these office friends never seem to get tired of doing their job over and over for years. As if they are born to do it.

  1. Worries when he’s about to absent

shaking_head_disgust_keanu_reevesLike in number 4, your hard-working friend is worried if he’s going to be late and absent no matter how valid their reasons are. They love their job to the extent that they must perform at its best.

  1. Willingly accepts punishment

komedi_1445745892669_858Some people call them stupid for accepting punishments but if they know what they have done, they will not give excuses and instead, ask for punishments.

  1. Never entertained office gossips

komedi_1445748657483_302Even outside the office, a gossip never had been a good etiquette. Inside the workplace, it destroys somebody’s reputation and delays productivity in the office. Since they knew it that gossips can affect their job, they will never entertain it.

  1. Suggesting strategies on how to improve the business or the work

2796220406_886f5e0b6dA role of every organization member. Since they are hard workers, they know what lacks the company and what it is needed to improve the business. If you happen to be a boss and you have a hard-working friend, I assure you, they can identify some organizational flaws they noticed.