“I believe whatever doesn’t kill you, simply makes you stranger.”
-The Joker

Do you believe in that? In this quote, even the Joker, a wise crazy clown, had to survive something unpleasant in his life, although… It made him stranger. He deserves it anyway. But if you can read the situation and come up with a solution before reality hits you hard, would it be safer? If you could just read between the lines and identify the hints, doesn’t it make you more vigilant and look cooler to your friends? How about a little tip on how to think and observe like a real agent?

komedi_1444883899844_896You know what’s impressive with these protagonists we watch in movies like Agent-47 in the movie ‘Hitman’, or the Agent-007 himself, James Bond? It is the way they move swiftly like they don’t seem to exert effort on what they do. But whether you like it or not, they don’t just simply go there, break a neck or spray bullets from their hip. They undergo in a thorough observation and critical planning before executing a move. They look for gestures and items that will give them ideas and process them into their heads, making an output of the best way to meet their specific goals. And that’s what I’m going to tell you. The key items and gestures that other people have that will give you a hint:

  • Eye contact

komedi_1444887172064_8The window of the soul. Eyes demonstrate ones’ emotions, intentions, and past. It’s a give-away for psychologist, human-behavior analysts, and some law enforcement personnel. How is it helpful? A glimpse of an eye that gives you an eerie stare could give you an idea that something’s not right or something unpleasant that could be caused by the person staring at you might happen. That’s why it’s never a good habit to stare at people. You’re giving them the creeps.

  • Wrist watch and chopsticks

komedi_1444889887225_98Where do you usually put your watch, on your left wrist? People often put their watch on the arm they don’t usually use. For example, if you’re right-handed person, they say it’s advisable to wear the watch on your left. That way, it will be easy for you to check the time whenever your right-hand is holding something. But observing the position of the watch is not fairly reliable, unlike chopsticks. Chopsticks, which often Asians use when eating, will be most likely be holding by the hand they preferably use since it’s something they will learn from their childhood. If you happen to have a fight with a guy with a watch on the left wrist, the chance that he will throw his first punch using his right is very high.

  • Color combination

komedi_1444891058556_871You can judge other people’s feelings and personality by just observing the color combination of their accessories and clothing. Some people are so meticulous on what they wear. It’s like a rule for them, satisfying their feelings by wearing items with their favorite color in it. Observing the color combination of other person’s accessories (since some people wear uniforms when going to work or school) will tell you how cold, intimidating, jolly, or stubborn this person might be if you will approaching him.

  • Positioned feet

komedi_1444892660226_5The feet stance as if they’re ready to jump. The feet position can also give you an idea that the person you’re dealing with is preparing or ready for something with a sudden move. This stance could mean that he’s about to jump, sprint, or kick. Imagine you’re surrounded by your enemies; the first person to fall from his steady stance is the one who will attack you first.

  • Playful hands

komedi_1444896728857_545Spinning pencils and circling thumbs will show you how focused a certain person could be. You can count up to 60 seconds and if the pencil, the thumbs, or whatever this person his hands are playing with, don’t fall or stopped means he’s extremely focused. Beware of this person in public; he knows you’re watching him.

  • Point finger

komedi_1444900080251_342Point finger always ahead of the other 3 fingers on the hand signifies that he often holds something that concentrates the energy on the point finger. This “something” could be a tennis racket, a smart phone, or even a gun. These items exercises control to the point finger. Itchy finger is never been the one in the middle. Knowing this knowledge will give you an idea to think twice before you scare, prank, surprise, or threat a person with a forward point finger. You’ll be lucky if the first thing he pulls from his back is a tennis racket, and not a suppressed fire arm.

  • Footwear

komedi_1444893185927_645In a high-speed chase, the person wearing the running shoes is of course, the fastest. Unless the other person is also wearing running shoes, determining who’s the fastest will go down to the cardio. So whenever you’re outside and you brought something valuable with you, make sure to hide them or be alert when a suspicious guy wearing running shoes come close to you.

  • Hiding Hand

komedi_1444901178647_564Another give-away. So far, I never heard a habit of person hiding his hand under his shirt for no reason. It’s always because he feels a stomach pain or he’s about to pull out something beneath those clothes. When you’re playing badminton, you know that when your enemy hides his racket behind him, he’s about to hit the most painful smash you will ever catch. That also applies here; when you see a guy hiding his hand under his shirt, you better prepare yourself.

Analyzing this information you gather with your sense of sight will be formulized and calculated inside your head and become ideas, which is vital in making plans and solutions. Those agents we see in movies are used in doing things like this and mastered it that’s why they became more agile and versatile than any other guys around them.

All of these observations will be nonsense if you’re not focused. You should always be mentally and physically prepared on whatever reality throws at you. To be like a secret agent, you should think and behave like a real secret agent agent. Those are just some of the dozens of things you need to observe. Desperate times, desperate measures. Good luck out there.