I’ve been browsing Facebook for almost a decade now and I’ve seen the most hideous, weirdest, and the most hilarious trends that people in the internet have ever tried. There are many reasons why we do it but there’s only one reason why we let other people know about it or post it, in Social Networking Site terms. As of this moment, the most powerful social networking website in the internet is none other than Mark Zuckerburg’s Facebook with around 500 million active users. This means, when a trend hits the chart, over half a billion people will witness it no matter how other people react towards it.

If you’re not an active Facebook user, I will remind you some trends that went viral and left a mark on the face of Facebook:

1. Granny look

komedi_1444728221416_24A granny look hairstyle is one of the latest trends in social media where girls and some boys post a picture of them with grey and silver shiny hair. Some say, this ‘granny look’ came from Jean Paul Gaultier’s cat walk show at Paris Fashion Week wherein, models have silver and/or grey colored hairs. While others said it came out from an experiment of a designer on his Autumn/Winter Fashion show in 2011. The origin is unknown but its effect to stylish people is still at its peak. Even celebrities such as Rihanna and Lady Gaga didn’t miss the trend. I also tried this trend and looked good on me.

  1. Planking

43303a6b28a9ac364c40baec04aa5559I heard this trend last year and lasted for few months. I think fun is main reason why people tried this planking stuff. Planking, also known as The Lying down Game, is an activity consisting of lying face down regardless where or above what. People considering Planking as a game determine the competition by choosing the most unusual location in which to play. The term “planking: refers to mimicking a wooden plank.

  1. Dubsmash

komedi_1444730179615_82One of the latest trends in Facebook. Unlike planking being done with a photo, Dubsmash is a video since the sound is important to impersonate someone famous. You can either use a line from a movie or sing a song. Dubsmash is also an application for smart phones. This application allows users to pick an audio of a well known quote from a list and record a video of themselves in which they dub the quote. Dubsmash app was officially launched on November 19, 2014 by its founders Jonas Druppel, Roland Grenke, and Daniel Taschik.

  1. Semi-colon (;)

semicolon-tattoo-2We know that a semi-colon is a punctuation mark that separates major sentence elements and can be used between two closely related independent clauses. But when you see someone with a semicolon tattoo, you might also ask yourself why semicolon if he can have a tattoo of an eagle or perhaps a porn star. As said by an organization Project Semicolon, “semi-colon is also used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to.” People having these semicolon tattoos encourage people like what they did, to never give up in face of internal struggle. It is actually a physical significance of their personal strength when dealing with mental and emotional problems.

  1. Belly-Button Challenge

komedi_1444729407981_862This one’s easy. It’s a challenge to prove how sexy or fit you are by reaching your belly button using the tip of your finger, but that doesn’t end there. You actually have to twist and wrap your arm around your waist, reaching your button from the back. For thin and sexy ones, it’s easy. But remember that reaching your belly-button from the back doesn’t already mean you have sexy hips. Long arms can also do the trick. A lot of people say that the challenge originated in China because the first lady who did and uploaded it is a Chinese.

Before this article ends, I would like to add another trend which I believe to be the weirdest trend I ever saw. It’s called the Armpit color trend. This trend (origin unknown) is a trend wherein girls are free to show their armpit hairs in long and full color. I don’t know how it sounds to you but I find it really bizarre. I wonder what’s the next trend.