Elevator is somewhere you should limit almost everything for a small amount of time. Excessive movements are permitted but also unpleasant for others. Elevator is a place where no matter what happens, you must stand still. Remember, we’re talking about habits when the elevator is cramped. Not things that usually happen in the elevator.

  • Never make-up or put on face powder inside the elevator

make upIn a full elevator, you will never know if somebody has circulatory problems. A person standing beside you might have a nasal allergy with the chemicals used in manufacturing baby powders. Besides, these things should be done in a restroom, right?

  • Avoid fixing/organizing your bag – Not only it attracts snatchers but it also causes alarm to the people around you, especially to the people with bad experience with robbers. They might think you’re pulling a gun or a knife. It raises panic, tension, and become a potential threat to you as well. The bag is your body extension inside an elevator, it adds up our body expansion and weight up to a half.
  • Avoid playing with the buttons
    It’s okay if you accidentally pressed the wrong button but doing it for the third time seems hardly an accident, don’t you think? Elevator is a public place, not a play ground. It carries people chasing time and pressing each button causes delay. This is one of the reasons why some buildings hire elevator operators to press buttons for you. These operators don’t only avoid people from playing with the buttons but also keeps the whole elevator sanitized by cleaning them every time.
  • Refrain picking-up something from your bag or pocket whenever possible – When the elevator is cramped, the rules body and space is gone. The tendency of bumping on each others’ elbows is highly possible. Imagine you’re trying to find something and this item happens to be underneath all the other things you have inside your big backpack. Then, when you finally managed to pull it out, you dropped it on the floor. And now, you’re struggling to pick the item in a cramped elevator. How rude is that? That’s why; you need to avoid picking something from your bag or pocket whenever possible.
  • Do not look directly on people’s belongings

elevator-couple-1Like how awkward it feels when a stranger stares at you directly is how awkward when people stare at your bag. Do not stare at people too because even a security guard avoids an eye-to-eye contact whenever possible. Staring invades a certain individual’s privacy so avoid checking up others’ belongings.

  • Sneezing/coughing – If you’re not feeling well, stay in your house or that sickness might infect somebody. Besides, a sick person can’t focus on studies or work in the first place. But there are times that these sicknesses come while we’re on our way somewhere. No matter how hard it is, avoid sneezing and coughing inside a cramped elevator. Few seconds of preventing yourself from sneezing is not that hard right? Good luck with sick people going 20 floors and above.
  • Kissing

Funniest-Elevator-Pranks-EVER-Kissing-Prank-Pranks-on-People-Funny-Videos-Best-Pranks-2014This don’t happen often but Kissing is also something we should avoid while inside the elevator. Not even in the elevator but also in most public places.
Elevators were built and used for public use but sometimes, there are things that should be done not in public and could invade privacy. So stand still, avoid excessive movements, and don’t forget what others around might feel.