Some professions require a clear head to be more productive. But no matter how much we argue about it, there are people that can be more productive whenever they are doing something unusual, or things that for normal people, is hard for them to focus. A nurse in a therapeutic company once told me that there are no two human bodies that are the same.

“We all have different body chemistry.”
-Nurse Nezel Ocampo

That’s when I realized that even in blood transplant, there’s no such thing as blood compatible, at least in 100%. If out human body is not 100% compatible, then so as its practices and habits. But since we’re talking about unusual habits to be more productive, most people who are working involving critical thinking will say that they can think more effectively in quiet places. That’s true, though. Distraction is destruction. You can’t focus when somebody’s bugging you. Focus doesn’t always improve in quiet areas.

  • In front of video games

komedi_1443674790913_532Believe it or not, some people improve their thinking skills by or while playing video games. I think I have experienced it when I play racing cars when the game suddenly brought me to very green scenery, although kind of pixelated. The scenery or background of the game gives its players the feeling that they can go anywhere.

  • Surrounded by colorful objects

L6kf6bUThere’s this office in Google head quarters where an employee wished to make his office room full of colorful balls because these balls improve his focus and at the same time, lightens up his day. Who wouldn’t feel brightened when you’re surrounded by colorful balls, right? It bring back your kiddie moments. Less stress, more fun.

  • Staring on moving objects

komedi_1443676464271_30Even I develop focus and thinking skills while doing this. I bombard my computer screen with rotating moving objects and it surprisingly made me feel relaxed and focused. This could be the reason why I love looking at watches with its gears showing up. For some reason, staring at this continuous clockwork helps me focus so much that I can even hear anything around me. Maybe this is how hypnotizing works?

  • Toilet

komedi_1443676903772_965Toilet could be the weirdest, yet true and effective place to think. It’s not the cigarette that makes these people focused. The noiseless and blank 4 corners of the toilet room help to think more effectively than thinking while in the office.

  • While riding vehicles

komedi_1443678459843_230I’m like this sometimes. Ideas suddenly come in bombing my head like Japanese zeroes when I’m riding my way home -Ideas that I never think of when I’m still in the office. Since I can’t just write these ideas down to my laptop, I had no choice but to use my notebook in my phone and right them all as fast as I could.

  • In bed

bedtimeThey say the bed is the worst place where ideas come in. The moment when you’re about to sleep because you were exhausted to work and then suddenly, your brain starts to work on its night shift and generate tons of ideas that you have no choice but to stand up and do it.

  • Loud music areas

komedi_1427341879884_859Many people can still focus even if they have music in their ears but some people love to take it on the next level. They even play this loud music with giant high-volume speakers in a closed room. That way, they will enjoy while working and thinking.

  • Sleeping

komedi_1443680908053_628I only know 2 people who can do this, my step-sister and my boss. The idea will come up as a dream and they will remember it since in their dream they were the ones who said or execute it. By the time they wake up, the first thing they will do is to write it down.

And there you have it, some unusual places to get ideas. I know some of you guys can relate in this but if you have other unusual places to think effectively, please comment them below and we’ll talk about those weird yet interesting stuff.