Sometimes girls are proud of themselves thinking that there are things that only girls can do. Surprisingly, those things are also a boy’s thing. Here are 10 things and activities that were originally for girls but seem good with boys.

  1. Boys that also put on make-up

Emo-boy-with-makeupA make-up kit is often a small leather or cloth container of beautification items such as powder, lipstick, etc. Before, Boys only use make-up products for entertainment purposes such as theater acts and other similar jobs. Aside from that, only girls are using this face paraphernalia. Today, some boys know the proper make-up adding procedure and he might even get upset if you don’t hear about it. Some boys spent hours in the males’ room retouching his delicate face. He carefully puts on milk cream before applying concealer.

  1. Boys that also wear Pantyhose

strayrussianblue stockingsPantyhose is women’s thin leg wear made of nylon. A woman uses this leg wear to deflect cold wind and maintain smooth leg appearance. Yes. Today, real boys wear pantyhose. Did you know that some lifeguards in Australia wear pantyhose to protect themselves from the Box Jellyfish even if they are males? If it can save these guys legs from the world’s most venomous sea creature, why not?

  1. Boys that also have eye-lining skills

komedi_1443505441432_982Eyeliner is a type of cosmetic product as a line around the eyes to make it look larger and noticeable. Eye lining styles like Egyptian, Cat’s eye, Rock, you name it, and they got it. They draw those lines as easy as writing their names. I see no problem with that.

  1. Boys that have that female voice talent

thestrayrussianblueBoys that work as a female voice dubbing artist on your favorite animated movie is very amazing. Kind of embarrassing when you’re a girl and you found a boy who has a prettier voice than you. When you get to talk to these boys on the phone, you might probably think they are girls.

  1. Boys that wear all pink things

thestrayrussianblueWe all know that Pink is originally masculine color but let’s face it, more people find pink as a girlish color. Some boys wear pink but still look good. From pink caps to white shoes, from pink backpack to pink skinny pants, these guys could look more refreshed than any other girl.

  1. Boys that can use a girl hairstyle

thestrayrussianblueYes! And for some reason, it suits them perfectly. Some hairstyles don’t look good with girls but when boys tried them, you can now see why these hairstyles were made. Bob cut hair, Shag girl, Pixie, etc.-Hairstyles that were supposedly good for girls but sometimes looks better with boys.

  1. Boys that are too cute than a girl

Girls prefer cuteness than beautiful. An adorable little girl-like appearance satisfies them before leaving the house. Today, some boys who are a true man also do their best to achieve the same impression. They even try wearing some girl clothes like blouses and blazers with ribbons but still manage to raise their masculinity flag.

And there you have it. The 7 things and activities we know for girls but seem good for boys. Honestly, I found these facts pretty shocking at first but knowing that these guys can understand a girl when taking too long in the ladies room because of make-up is what makes me feel fine about it. If you like my list or you think I missed one, please write to the comment section below and I’d be happy to discuss it with you.