Wrong timing could be tragic or simply just a bad luck. It happens almost instantly and often caught anyone off guard. It has been considered as an accident, omen, and other relatively unpleasant words you could ever imagine. To sum it up, I gathered and listed 5 simple bad things that could happen to anyone in a wrong place at the wrong time.

  1. Zipper malfunction

komedi_1443066418798_244This bad luck doesn’t only happen to boys but to girls too. For some of us (including me), if there is something more embarrassing than a coffee spill on the shirt, that would be when my zipper pants are malfunctioning again. Exposing underwear will get lots of attention and a great amount of embarrassment. Another thing about the zipper broke is you won’t notice it until somebody does. I think the lesson here is to always look at your zipper when you’re trying to close it to make sure it’s working properly.

  1. Soda pop

komedi_1443066749209_778The big bad surprise it gives is how angry you could get when you experience it. Of all the soda bottles in the fridge, you got the most shaken bottle. The process of dissolving carbon dioxide in a liquid is called carbonation or “fizz”. The process usually involves carbon dioxide under high pressure. When the pressure is reduced, the carbon dioxide is released from the solution as small bubbles, which causes the solution to become fizzy. My suggestion is when you’re opening a soda bottle; always hold it tightly while twisting the cap slowly. And when you see the bubbles increasing, quickly twist back the cap to close it before it reaches the cap.

  1. Hand railing trap

komedi_1443067155207_815Now this is one thing that could piss anybody off. Let’s take a bus, for example. A bus has a safety hand railing placed on its ceiling for people to hold on to. But what if it suddenly fell off because maybe the bolts are too rusty, or maybe it can’t support the weight it carries? Not a good time for the people entrusting their safety under these hand railings. Ouch! It’s like hitting your head with a strong metal rod. It can cause physical damage and internal hemorrhage. I’ve been hit by these hand railing traps and it give me a headache for days. Next time, check the railings first before relying on your safety in it.

  1. Teacup

komedi_1443068112401_696You’ve just finished brewing and aromatic coffee beans and you want to experience it with your special tea set you’ve been reserving for months now, only for this ceremony. And when you’re about to sip, the handle comes off. It doesn’t only wet your shirt and pants but also ruined the mood. It’s not the hot temperature that breaks these cups. Most elegant teacups are made with classic ceramics that becomes brittle through time. I guess the lesson here is to never buy or use ceramics that have cracks. Some teacups are only designed as collector’s items. One more thing I learned from Japanese people is how they hold the bottom of their cup with the other hand.

  1. Utility off-line

komedi_1443068653568_366What’s the worst thing when the light and water comes out when you’re taking a shower? This doesn’t really need a further explanation because I’m pretty sure most of us have already experienced sudden blackout or when the water runs out. But not both! My advice, always listen to the news for scheduled blackout and water maintenance.

And that’s it. I hope it helps you anticipate these bad things before happening. Nothing’s permanent so stay sharp and extra careful as always.