People are now addicted in playing COC or Clash of Clans. As of now the COC fever is still on- going, you can see people that are playing it while they are in the public area disregarding the fact that there are snatchers around. Clash of Clans was released in Google Play on October 07, 2013 and it reached its popularity by only last year up to now by retaining its number one place on Google Play’s Top Free. But why do people play Clash of the Clans?


  1. For entertainment

As simple as it is you play it because you enjoy it. It is a game and the number one purpose of it is to entertain people. Yes, it is a strategic game where your focus is on how you are going to defeat the opponent’s defense or how are you going to get all the loot of the territory you are attacking. Admit it or not, you enjoyed it especially when you defeat your enemy and got all the loot. Loots are the items you pick by crippling your enemy’s bunkers and walls. Conquering your opponent’s base can gives you the feeling of wanting more. Maybe, world domination really runs through our veins.


  1. Curiosity

You are curious about this game. When you see people playing Clash of the Clans in the public transportation you only ask one thing, “What is so exciting in that game?” In that question, you would want to know why they do like that game so much and since you are curious about it, you would try it and now you find yourself addicted to it.

  1. Mainstream topic

Unlike in number two, you would like to play this game so that you can cope up the conversations of the people around you. You just like to be “in” so that you would not be left out when they started the topic about Clash of the Clans like how many builders do you have or how much did you paid for those gems.


  1. Gamer at heart

While some people play the game just for fun, others prefer to play it seriously. Gamers these days keeps a reputation to the public that all the mainstream games must be played. If someone must finish the game, they believe it should be them. In this game with no definite ending, being the richest, most fortified base and the greatest conqueror of COC is their main goal. If it means to spend a lot of dollars just to make their walls unbreakable, they will do it.

As I can see Clash of the Clans is still in the peak of its popularity but no matter how addicted you are in a game you should not neglect the things that matters most. Yes, it is fun but if it is already messing up the things you need to do, I think you need a little break from that and focus on what is more important.