My dad told me yesterday that I and his creepy pet tarantula have one thing in common; the love of darkness. Tarantulas are giant hairy spiders that often do activities at night like hunting food for example, but this isn’t about tarantulas. It’s about things that people loves to do, even though; it’s getting a little awkward to others. It’s true that I can move freely under dim light and more active at night that’s why I love to do my stuff when everybody’s sleeping. Maybe this makes me a nyctophile or a person who loves night or darkness.

1907632_656649871132713_8210745239119064458_nRecently, social networking sites were flooded with pictures associated to different philias. Philia is a Greek word that defines fondness or abnormal love for a specific thing. It is often translated as affection. I gathered eight common philias that a normal person might have so here they are:

  1. Nyctophilia

nyctophilia_thestrayrussianblueNyctophilia, also known as Nyctophiles are people with an abnormal preference for the night over day. Their performance is at its best at night or when they work in dim light or perfectly dark area. You can expect that many call center agents are nyctophiles.

  1. Lygophilia

lygophilia_thestrayrussianblueLygophilia and nyctophilia are two different abnormalities. Nyctophilia is the affection for the night while lygophilia is a socially abnormal desire to be alone in darker or gloomy environments. Gloomy environment doesn’t always mean feelings. It could also be places with filled with heavy emotions. Cemetery is one good example.

  1. Pluviophilia

pluviophilia_thestrayrussianblueAdmit it. Sometimes, watching the rain is kind of relaxing. If you totally agree with me, you might be a pluviophile. Pluviophiles are people who find joy and peace of mind in rainy days. Don’t get it wrong, if you hate sunny days, this doesn’t already mean you’re a pluviophile.

  1. Ombrophilia/Hydrophilia

hydrophilia_thestrayrussianblueOmbrophilia, also known as hydrophilic is a person with the abnormal affection to heavy amounts of rain or water. Hydrophilia is different from Thalassophilia, the extreme fondness to the ocean. So if you’re having delusions of being able to breathe under water or you yourself are somewhat part of the water, you might be a hydrophilic person.

  1. Ailurophilia

ailurophilia_thestrayrussianblueI could be this one. Ailurophilia is the abnormal fondness for cats and other animals that belongs to the feline family. I have many friends who love cats. Can’t blame them though, cats are really adorable pets. They meow, they purr, they’re cuddly, they do those cute gestures, they…okay, that’s too much.

  1. Canophilia

canophilia_thestrayrussianblueDespite the fact that we don’t have a cat and we can’t let the house without a single dog, I’m not a canophile. Canophilia is the love for dogs, not “dogephilia”. Considering a dog as friend you love is not a problem. However, putting that love to the next level seems inappropriate.

  1. Technophilia

technophilia_thestrayrussianblueThis explains it. A lot of people around the world love technology and they can’t seem to live without it. Technophilia is an abnormal behavior where a person displays extreme affection towards technology. This includes gadgets, household, transportation, and other developments achieved using technology. Now I know why my ex-boyfriend chose to marry his I-pad than me.

  1. Nipponophilia

nipponophilia_thestrayrussianblueYup, there’s also a philia for loving Japan and everything it gives. They are called weeaboo these days. People who love Japan, Japanese people, and other Japanese related stuff.

When other people witnessed something unusual, it’s considered abnormal but does that mean celebrities are abnormal because they stand out? No matter what other people say, only you know who you are. It’s okay to love something but always consider what others around you might think.