A name is something you can’t really decide to have. From the moment you were born up to the moment you die, name is something others will give you. It maybe from your description, achievements, or what you told them, an individual can’t just have a name for himself.
how am I named
Some people are extortionist. They will do their best to get what they want by any means necessary. That’s normal. It’s in our nature to act with liberty and freedom anyway. I’m not saying it’s wrong but it’s also not good to call people names, and that is the reason why we were granted a chance to name someone with a consequence. This chance only applies and generally accepted if you successfully completed Genesis 9:7 “Go and multiply” wherein you are given a chance to name someone times how many offspring you will be having. But as we grow older, there will be a time where we wish to be called with our preferred name. But then again, the name is our second possession that we got not by choice. The first possession is our choice of being born, of course. I find it hard to track every name I got for the past years so to keep track of the names I had and I’ll be having in the future, I listed the stages of how a person is named up to his final moment.I CALL HIM RUDY

  • The first stage is the moment of your birth. This stage is where you got a formal name from your parents who have the privilege of naming you as a result of their “hard work” in making you. The name is often the combination of their names or someone they believe is great. This could be Alexander (given that he’s great), your dad’s grandfather, your mom’s favorite teacher, etc.
  • The second stage is your birth nickname. I only find three reasons why a child is given a nick name: It’s because you’re name is too long, or the name you have is hard to pronounce, and/or there’s another name that someone (could be your parents) wants to add on your name but it’s already have 24 letters already.
  • The third stage is how other people (aside your parents) see you as you grow. These names are often funny and no matter what your parents do, these people just can’t keep on remembering your real name or nickname. I remember when I was a child; people call me Sobokunako or Soboko which roughly translates as a “naive girl” for doing and believing everything they told me.

my name is yu

  • The fourth stage is the moment when we set our feet in school. Some smart parents knew that other kids will call their child based on what these kids see on their child so they will do their best to make their children look good physically and mentally. This would affect their children’s social behavior which could result on the child next stages, but we will talk about that later. If you done or have something memorable on your first day in school, you will named with something unpleasant by your mocking classmates.
  • The fifth stage is what we want to be called, or at least how we want to be named. This is the stage where we want our voice to be heard. This is the moment when we try to change our name by telling false names directly to them which we may be invented or we see on someone we adore. Best example of this is how we name ourselves in social networking sites or in some hobby gatherings. It is also often the result of a pop media influence like games, TV shows, music industry, and how we’re raised when we were a child going back to the fourth stage. Achieving a name on this stage is crucial to our development.

hampnie hambert

  • The sixth stage of how we’re named is based on what we done wrong or what we achieved. This name is the result of the efforts we made through the years or can be instantly achieved by accident. This name could be the product of our goodness, heroic deeds, or sacrifices. In other hand, we might get it by doing the bad way. The extortionist just to have the name we wanted to hear.
  • The last stage is the name when we die. This is the summary of our book, the mirror of our personality, the last grain of sand in our time. The name we can’t hear because they only mention it as we get closer underneath the ground of our graves. This is the name that only the ones we will leave behind can hear.