Some young girls used to dream to be a princess. Thanks to the fairytale Cinderella, they start it by cleaning the house instead of putting make-ups on their skin using crayons. But as we grow older, some interests and beliefs changes as influenced by our environment and experiences. The once little girl will soon to realize that being a princess is nearly impossible these days, especially not by mapping the floor. They will become tougher despite their good looks. Here are 10 modern professions that most girls would love to become. Check them out, you might find your current profession here.


  1. Secret Agent

Who doesn’t dream to become a secret agent? Agents don’t come out entirely from men. In fact, a female secret agent is more effective than most men. Even 007 falls in love with that lovely lady in the red dress who’s actually a secret agent too. Plot twist!


  1. Hunter

You will be needing daddy’s help to fund this profession. Tom Rider: Lara Croft influenced many little girls with her movies and some of them, like Liz Cadell completed her dream of hunting the Africa’s “Big 5” (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhinoceros, and Cape buffalo) by using tranquilizer of her Dart Gun.


  1. Pilot

Regardless of what kind of aerial machine she’s flying, a female pilot is a big slap on men’s face. Isn’t it amazing (and partly embarrassing for male stewards) to hear your pilot saying “This is your captain, speaking. Please buckle up, we’re leaving the ground. Yes, you heard it right. I’m the gorgeous female pilot in this airline and prepare to experience a flight in your mother’s arms.”


  1. Programmer

Computer-related professions are in-demand since we’re in a continuously growing computer era. Girls capacity to think complicatedly makes them a good programmer since a certain software does not stop in click-and-execute. I would be surprised if one day a met a girl who created one of my favorite computer games for real men.


  1. Army

We’re not in WWII, private. Girls could fight side-by-side with you than sitting on the office table, typing a letter of KIA for your parents. There are other things that made these female warriors better of what they do for example in melee combat -since they’re more flexible and slim than most men, they can give you a roundhouse kick in just a snap; not to mention their unpredictable way of thinking, it’s really hard to anticipate whether she’ll break your heart or break your eggs for breakfast.


  1. Movie Director

In my country, female directors can make the most romantic movie of the year. They’re really good in thinking the right scenes in the right place. Behind every tear that falls from the movie’s viewers are brilliant directors and writers, more effective if they are females.


  1. Sports athlete

I’m not talking about gymnastics and traditional 100-meter race. I’m talking about sports that are usually for men. Have you heard the Glock National World Sharp Shooter Jessie Abbate? She’s a member of team Glock for many seasons. For those who don’t know, a Glock is a standard issue handgun for law enforcement personnel and to some tough chick like Abbate.


  1. Doctor

A young female Doctor, the very reason why I wrote this article. To be a Doctor, you need to complete the whopping 10 years of study; finish 4 years to be a Bachelor, plus a year to become a Master, and then double those years to be a Doctor. I have a friend that looks like a 12-year-old girl that’s often mistaken as a child of a customer in her optical clinic. Yes, she’s the Ophthalmologist of that clinic.


  1. Musician

Watching a boy band rocking the stage is cool. In the other hand, watching a female band or even just its female drummer making the drum roll is very impressive. With her simple moves and body movement moving on the beat, is really hot than most boy drummers I ever saw. Don’t ask my opinion about the guitarist.


     10. Blogger

I’m a blogger and it feels good when people read and share your blogs to the public. Writing your personal thoughts and inspire people is what makes us bloggers continue writing. And no matter what profession we’re in, the key to success is to love what you do. Love your Job.