On November 2014, a strangely anime music video rocked the internet leaving most netizens shocked. Some didn’t even get to see the climax of the video and closed it while others didn’t even bother playing it. The anime music video I’m talking about is titled Me! Me! Me! Written by TeddyLoid and performed by Japanese voice artist Daoko. It was published and earned thousands of viewers in YouTube and received hundreds of both positive and negative comments. What makes this music video interesting aside from its contents is how it remains itself in the top video streaming websites like YouTube despite countless reports against it. The video became extremely viral as it reached Facebook and other networking sites. Even now, the video is still can be searched and played.


I tried to watch the Me!Me!Me! Music video by TeddyLoid a couple of times last year, but I can’t take the pornographic images which always force me to stop the video until yesterday. A friend of mine asked me if I already watched the video. She keeps insisting that I should watch it and so I did.

As I slowly move my cursor to the play button, I keep telling myself “Bad idea, Yuna. Very bad idea”. At the first minute of the video, I felt disgusted the same way I tried to watch it before but when I reached the 2:23 part, things became a little bit intriguing. As the video continues, the more it makes sense. To understand a story, I always imagine myself in the shoes of the protagonist. I was shocked and covered my mouth because of the ideas building in my head. I felt a strong feeling of emotion and almost burst into tears. As soon as the music video ended, I quickly said to myself “I have to watch it again.”


For me, the video proved 2 things:

  1. It shows how people get addicted to the internet. The boy in the video represents the netizens and all the crazy stuff happened to him is the effect of the internet including the nude girls. In the video, there’s a moment where he suddenly transformed into a combat cyborg shooting his enemies. Clearly, it means he’s fighting but the internet obviously wins and consumes him. And,


  1. He’s trying to forget a girl that’s been a part of his life. The boy in the story is an Otaku, a fan of Japanese anime, toys, merchandises, books, and lots of other nerdy stuff. And as what I understand with its lyrics, the boy is too obsessed with these otaku stuffs and his girlfriend did try to adjust herself for him but it didn’t work. In the end, the boy left the girl but later regret it no matter how much he tried fighting to forget it.


Is the video lewd? I would lie if I said no but trust me, the video is worth watching if you will just open your mind. I’m not forcing you to watch it. Yes, it contains adult situations and graphic natures, but there is just something about this video that needs to be told. I can’t post the video here, but you can watch the video by clicking the link on the caption of the picture below. Enjoy watching.