What if you’re given a chance to investigate a certain person and his home is your only option. How would you answer that? Maybe I hope this will help.

No matter how similar or different our homes, behind every door, lurks the chaos factor of how we always decide our own peculiarly individual approach in designing our room and that is you and your personality. Usually, there are 2 different types of distinct personality that can be identified when looking in a certain room:

  • The first one is the room that gives you the feeling of order with less clutter but not the type that will make you say the room is empty. Usually, these rooms have contained pictures such as paintings, colorful touches, stuffed toys, and shape patterns yet it still gives the impression that the room is terribly grown-up. These rooms often possess 3-5 color pattern designs wherein the items, walls and ceilings, appliances, the plants, and even the owner himself has only 3-5 colors with them. This room gives its owner the sensation of calmness and tranquility.Well-Organized-Bedroom
  • The second room with personality is the one that has lots of different objects and usually possess passionate colors. The room is fixed yet a lot of things seem not in the right place. In fact, a sentence isn’t appropriate that you have to use a list in describing the room. By just looking at it, you can easily tell that there’s a lot going on in the room. It’s a nightmare to find anything in a disorganized room, dropping your phone could be the last time you would see it. People living in this room always talks about everything under the sun, probably at the same time.


Same flats but in completely different take on tastes. It comes down to personalizing your background making it a mirror to reflect your personality. Hiring an interior designer in designing a place that suits your taste but believe me, right after the designer finishes it, there are still things that you want you yourself will do it and only that can make you feel satisfied. All you need to do is to work out what you want.


Of all the items that can be seen inside our homes, there’s one in particular that can easily distinguish our own personality. Mugs – it came to us in different styles and shape. Whether we received it or bought it, mugs possess our life style. Take your favorite mug or tea cup for example. First, try to remember how you get the mug. And if your response is as sweet as its cute animals or colorful prints, the mug itself tells you how you love cuddly things. The same goes with to people who have plain color mugs or tea cups; you can already tell how organized they are no matter how robotic their days will be.


Personal photos on the walls can also tell you how the person living in the room manages his life by looking on their hairstyles and clothing in the photo. It would tell you how happy they wanted to experiment with their interior designs.

But if there are personalities that is full of wonder and personalities that is terribly organized, there is one in the middle; the empty canvas personality. A room that is almost has no detail and white is the main color. People with these types of homes are suspicious, as mostly described. What is good with these personalities, they are open to be changed once they find their own personality lifestyle.