I may look like a busy office woman but there’s always time for hobbies and one of them is playing online games. Why online games? It doesn’t just relax my brain from stress but also helps my communication skills to improve by talking with multiple players around the world. Online games are video games played over some computer network or any type of playable device connected to the internet via signal or cable. This medium could be basic personal/desktop computer, tablet, console, and/or mobile devices.  A massive Multi Online Game gives you a chance to play with millions of other players who share the same passion in gaming just like you. Here, I listed 7 of my most favorite online games I ever played and still playing until now.

  • ExSteel


ExSteel hits the top 7 of my favorite online gaming chart. Despite my bashful girly appearance, I play this mecha game. Mecha games are games where instead of fighting with powers and swords, you will use these giant combat machines to smash enemies for you. ExSteel, developed by NCsoft, is a third-person shooter where a player controls a giant war machine called Mechanauts. In ExSteel, my hunger for “metal pounding metal” was satisfied.

  • Pangya


I played and finished both its PSP and PC Version of this game. Nope, it’s not a dancing game. If ExSteel is about battling machines, Pangya is nothing but a simple exhibition golf fantasy game created by Ntreev Soft and NCsoft. “Pang” translates as “Fang” in The Korean language like the sound “bang!” Pangya boomed in The Philippines in my early high school years. This game uses some of the original rules of the real golf sport. It taught me the use of different golf clubs and how it affects the speed and trajectory of the golf ball. Thanks to this game, now I can walk in a golf course without asking too much with my caddy.

  • Crazy Kart


Crazy Kart is the last racing game I played after making it to the top 10 best drivers. I’m not telling you my in-game name and rank so don’t bother ask. Crazy Kart is not just an ordinary racing game; you will run over some floating mystery box along the way that generates weapons, shield, or trap to help you win the race. Basically, you will be throwing missiles and setting banana skin traps at each other which make this game fun.

  • Phantasy Star Online 2

Watching its CG trailer still gives me the chills of excitement. Phantasy Star Online 2 could be the most advanced game I ever played. The game is an MMORPG or Massive Multi-Online Role Playing Game where you can choose with different character types and class. Even its PSP version is promising. Customizing your character from weapon preference up to body measurement (such as waistline and bust size) is something no other game can offer. It’s very realistic, especially the combat scenes that will surely make you hand glued to your mouse until morning. Phantasy Star is in a futuristic intergalactic setup and in order to level up or gain money, you need to visit nearby planets and slay them. This game is so good; I even cosplayed my game character in conventions.

  • Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest is one of the 2 games that I still play today. Like Phantasy Star Online 2, Dragon Nest is an MMORPG that lets you choose a class and weapon of your choice but in a middle age setting. Characters in this game may possess powers and selective skill to defeat monsters and reach the final boss, the Black Dragon. You may work alone, or create a party to fulfill each mission. It’s like reading a book because you are following a story line that unlocks when you finish a main task after another depending on your class. You may also fight another player around the world through Player Versus Player Arena the gain Glory and hit the ranking, board.

  • DDTank and DDTank II


DDTank is the only game in Facebook that I’m still playing ever since I started it. The game is small compared to other online games which make it easier to load and play in any desktop computer with internet connection. It has cute characters crouching on the ground in a linear perspective, throwing items as their weapons to monsters or fellow player characters. And if you’re tired wrecking your target, you can still play its mini-games to make your character tougher.

  • Ragnarok Online


This is the only game that I wouldn’t mind spending too much and play all over again from the start. Ragnarok Online is the first MMORPG I played. My 10 years of playing this game left a mark in my mind that when I just walked around, it reminds me the fun adventures I made with my friends. This is the only game that went viral that other game developers created their own version legal and illegally. It has appeared to various forms of media; it even has its own anime show and games could be played through mobile phone today. Philippine Ragnarok Online was closed last March 31, 2015. Some say, the game will close because of bankruptcy and some say it will be developed to another better form of a game. Honestly, the news made me sad. For me, this is the best game I ever played.

Playing online games is not just a simple past time. It has even made hundreds of players and game developers rich. But reality doesn’t always rotate in game fantasies. Please don’t forget that games are made for entertainment because too much time in these stress relievers can affect our minds to divide reality from fantasy.