Let’s say you’re trying to impress me and…let’s face it, you’re not good looking for me. What will you do?

Some guys don’t have those strong muscles; not even at least 6-packs of abs. They don’t even go to gym or at least eat oats in the morning to prevent their tummy from bloating. But why do these men still look attractive to girls? There’s the saying, “If you can’t get her with looks, use skills.” Skills can be both inherited and can be achieved through learning. What’s incredible about inherited skills is that you study to make your skills better because it already in you. Here are some skills that can definitely sweep her off her feet:

• Cooking
This skill is effective to women much as it is effective to men. Isn’t it lovely to see a man in apron, cooking breakfast for you? Skills in cooking can be learned even without enrolling at culinary schools. Cooking utilizes the senses of touch, taste, and sight. The sense of feeling (or rather lack of) is important too since you’ll definitely suffer a lot of mild burns while practicing how to cook. That’s how it’s done. All great chefs have their own burn experiences.

• Drawing
We only put efforts on a thing that satisfies us. When you receive a sketch of your face, you will feel how important you are. Every stroke will tell you how he puts every effort to draw your face, the time he sacrificed, and the expensive materials he used to get it done. Some drawings don’t have to be a simple sketch. In fact, I have tried to draw myself with my loved one in a 2D marriage set up.

• Humor
In my opinion, Humor is a natural skill of intelligence. Don’t you find it amazing how he can think of an immediate punch line that easily within few seconds? That requires quick thinking and alertness. Being the funny guy can make you popular and the life of the party. When he intentionally pretend to look stupid sometimes, he looks cute. Imagine when you think nothing can brighten up your day and suddenly this funny guy shows up throwing funny jokes at you, isn’t it sweet? No more sad moments.

• Stylish and Classy
They say, one of the girls’ greatest weakness is not the man, but the suit. A man who can understand why you took 2 hours to complete your make up, or why you take a bath 3 hours a day, or why you need 2 spare hands in shopping is a man worth keeping. This man has fashion sense. He knows what looks good on you and what doesn’t. He cares for your physical reputation and never fails to remind you about manners and etiquette. He gives you countless beautification gifts and stylish clothing. He doesn’t mind spending too much online shopping because half of those in his cart are for you. Now, you don’t have to stare at your closet alone, thinking what to wear.

• Writer
How about a man who reads you bedtime stories about your love together? A man who can write stories or poems is a perfect boyfriend for girls who love literature. These guys, like the Stylish types, don’t mind spending too much for books. They are open-minded and they could be even geekier than you.