This February, I’m pretty sure some of you guys are planning with propose with your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. Saying the words “Will you marry me?” is as simple but putting it into action is not easy as eating a cake. Of course, you are excited like most guys out there but you don’t want to blow over this special day by just simply crawling up to her and propose with a rose in your left hand and Starbucks frappe on your right. Here are 3 strategies that will make her say “I do” without any regret.


1. The Surprise Wedding

For this strategy you need a Remote Control toy, some friends, and could be a second-hand or brand new wedding dress. Since you are proposing, you already have a ring. You don’t even need to purchase a real helicopter or car to impress her. Instead, use a remote control helicopter/car and have your friend to operate it. Put the ring on the toy, making it a carrier. Distribute the parts of the wedding dress to your friends (wedding veil, white tube, long skirt, wedding bouquet, etc.) As for you, wear a suit or a tuxedo.

To execute this strategy, you have to bring her where there’s a crowd: School, office, mall, or maybe a park as long as your friends whose hiding the dress parts can go around her. Remain hidden until the toy chopper/car arrives. As she notice the toy delivering a ring to her, show up and kneel in front of her. While you are on your knees, your friends will move closer and to dress her up when they are finish, get the ring from the toy and ask the ultimate question. Congratulations, man and wife!


  1. The Orchestra

For this proposing plan, you need an orchestral band, a quiet place, pieces of paper, roses equal to how many months you have been with her, and an empty bouquet wrap is also important. First, tell the band leader/conductor the theme song you wish them to play. You also have to remember your best memory of the month with her. Night time would be perfect. You better bring a hanky because she will ruin her eye liner from crying with joy.

This strategy is proven effective for music loving girls. On the papers, write your memorable experience with her per month. Those memories could be joy, pain, or loss. Each paper is associated with a rose and the last rose, which should be the biggest, is the one representing this month where you are going to ask for her hand. Distribute the papers and the roses to the orchestral band. Do not include the conductor. Invite her on quiet place where the hiding melodious surprise awaits. Show her the empty bouquet wrapper but don’t let her get the message yet. Then, the conductor shows himself and plays the music on his own. He will be followed by a member of the band holding the first rose, and will start reading what is in the paper. Right after he read the words, he will put the rose on the empty bouquet you are holding and then, should be followed by another member and do the same up to the last member. The band member will then take his position, set his instruments and start playing the intro of theme song. By the time the flowers and the whole band is complete, they will now play the song you wish. You may now say this month’s most memorable experience…asking for her hand.


  1. The Magician

If you think the first and second strategy is expensive, this one could be the most cheapest yet, excellent performance to capture her heart. Throughout the years, people are always impressed by magic tricks. If you don’t know how to do a magic trick, consider this your lucky day. I know a trick called “I DO”. For this trick you need a deck of cards and a pair of black gloves. You will also need glue, a white paper, and a cutting blade.

This is a magic trick that uses a gimmick card which means it’s not a real deck of cards. Cut a circular hole as big as a coin on the center of the newly bought deck of cards, enough to reveal the card’s face inside. Then, leave 1 card and get the 51 other cards. Carefully glue these cards’ edges together. When the cards are all dry, slice the cards and leave a very small portion of the lower edge making an illusion that the deck is complete and intact. Cut the paper by tracing the card and glue them together making a face of the card all white. Align and glue the edge to the white face of the remaining card. Then, tape the ring on the center-surface of the white card. Put them all back in the box with the whole card showing its not-white face on the hole. Make sure that the ring goes in first before the sliced edge. Now you are ready.

While in the middle of the crowd and your girlfriend watching, wear your gloves and show her the box of cards. Open the box and carefully get the deck which is actually tricked. Hold the cards carefully not showing its edges and the ring. Then, put back the cards but make sure to put it where the ring will appear on the hole of the box. Close the box and whisper a magical chant “Will you marry me”. Reveal the hole of the box showing her the ring and the whole deck is gone with only the ring inside the box. Get the ring from the hole and wait for her to say the magic trick’s name.

I don’t guarantee that these plans will work on you but I personally executed each of these and worked although not 100% as accurate as I planned. In the end it all turned out to be okay and 2 out of the 3 guys I helped are now married.