Did I catch your attention? Did I offend you in some point? Do you find it embarrassing? Do you know that you’re once or still a Chuunibyou? Before I explain that, let me tell you what Chuunibyou is and why some people are still and proud-to-be Chuunibyou.

“Don’t mock me, human. I have a power to control wind!”


When I was a little boy, my grandfather told me the biggest lie of my entire life, “Whistle and the wind will come”. I always do this and the wind really blew whenever I whistle without knowing that the wind would really do its job whether I whistle or not. I believed and brought this fallacy to high school and experienced my most embarrassing moment. It took seven years before I understand that what happened to me is pretty normal. This childish behaviour is called Chuunibyou.

Chuunibyou is also known as “eight-grade syndrome” or “middle school 2nd year syndrome”. It is one of the current generations’ youth sicknesses that can be compared to being childish in long-term or regression. On 11th of November 1999 in Japan, Hikari Ijuin mentioned in a radio programme, “I’m still contracting a ‘chuunibyou’ myself.” That is the first time the word Chuunibyou was heard.tumblr_mjbc63HQW41rugtvpo1_250

So what does Chuunibyou really means? In urban dictionaries, Chuunibyou is a behavioural sickness wherein a certain person either act as a know-it-all adult and look down on the real ones; or believe they have special super powers. Their right brain which holds the ability of imagination, creativity, arts, day dreaming, etc., is overpowering the left brain which holds logic, facts, and analysis. It is a common stage of growth; for most people, it happens around second year of middle school. It often happens when a person decided to live in a dream world to avoid problems caused by school pressure, family, and even society. Their brain capacity of imagination exceeds to its limits causing it to materialize ideas converting it to visualization or called delusion. However, the problem is, there are some grown-ups who still have this symptom, bringing them up to their adulthood. You may have this sickness but a Chuunibyou’s primary defence mechanism, as observed by experts, is denial – used depending on what type of Chuunibyou. Yes, there are different types of Chuunibyou:


  • Anti-social Chuunibyou

This type of Chuunibyou people often pretend to be anti-social even though they aren’t. They can and has made-up stories about anti-social behaviour to establish distance to society. In effect, the society finds this Chuunibyou interesting and therefore gathers more attention. Their main goal is to drive other people away to explain their status difference and standards by making up stories of their experience which is often entirely fake or half true.


  • Subculture Chuunibyou

These Chuunibyou people are always updated to trends and never let anyone surpass what they have to the point that they would make up stories until their fellow subculture consumer finally gave up. This type of personality is common to children, but not until the age of early-adulthood. They usually enjoy action figures, video games, trading cards, and toy conventions.


  • Daydreamer Chuunibyou

Daydreamer Chuunibyou is the worst type that admires mythical powers and pretends to have one of their own, to the extent of establishing an alias just for that. Most people find them annoying and noticing their mysteriousness is a compliment to them. These types of Chuunibyou people are the ones who will raise their hands (regardless of what they’re doing) so that Goku will gather their energy to defeat his arch enemy. They could be hostile, keeping a bladed weapon somewhere in their body as what they have seen in the video games. Have you tried waving your hand in front of an elevator or door of a mall as if you’re casting a spell on it to open? tumblr_mz0303wJy41r60ay5o1_500

Daydreaming and creativity is both important in future planning, probability prediction, and other useful ideas to make oneself better for the day ahead. But letting these things dominate your entire mind, will affect you badly and the people around you. We must learn how to leave our childish past behind and face the fact that the world is more serious than the wonderland you built once inside your head.