Recently, a lot of people want me to try this and that. Go here and there. There is really a point where I thought that travelling to different places is kind of getting old. Not to mention the expense and the right gear for a certain type of exploration. I mean, you’re not wearing a thin shirt if you’re climbing Mt. Fuji…right? You’ll understand me if you’re the type of tourist who travels at least once a month. Someday, it will come to you that you’ve been spending almost half of your year in different places; yet, you can have a memorable experience without spending too much. Yes, no play station or computer video games. I’m talking about “other” memorable things. komedi_1427334551557_723 Here’s a list that of what I have already done without spending too much money.

  1. Ghost Hunting

We all heard about ghost stories. Some people believe in it while others don’t. Even the Reader’s Digest magazine proved that in every 200 person you see every day, 2 of them are probably ghosts. If there’s something I proved about ghosts, it’s the fact that you won’t see them if you don’t believe in them. Last year, I tried ghost hunting with my friend. I searched the internet for a school where students say it is haunted. Like most ghost hunters do, we prayed before entering the school’s door of spookiness. We documented the whole school all night with 2 digital cameras in our hands. But since we’re both non-believer, we went home feeling disappointed for not seeing anything scary and for wasting our weekend. komedi_1427340834624_926

  1. Break the record

This is simple. If you can bike 1 mile every day, make it 2 miles next time. If you can climb half of the wall today, reach the peak tomorrow. People should never stop growing and you will feel good for breaking your own record. komedi_1427334774969_505

  1. Remix

This is a Music DJ’s hobby. If you have a computer in your house, then you might want to try this. I do this a lot when I feel sleepy at work. I will open 2 different audio players and play 2 different songs. Sometimes, the outcome is not what I expect it to be but with a little tempo and equalizer adjustment, you will have your own beat of music remix. komedi_1427341879884_859

  1. Make a home movie

I’m not talking about filming yourself doing something crazy by hurting yourself or fooling other people. I’m talking about you acting with your friend like Bilbo Baggins do in the movie “The Hobbit”. Or you can try to jump very high in the air to execute Bruce Lee’s Round House Kick in a Kung Fu battle. Or maybe just cook some popcorn in the kitchen…with war sound effects. You watch movie, you’ll figure that out. komedi_1427341280885_725

  1. Turning your house upside down

“I turned my house upside-down”, a line used by most mothers. It can only mean she’s angry; or she’s trying to rearrange the furniture. Let’s not get to the violent side. I’m talking about the latter. Rearranging the furniture doesn’t only kill time but also make the house look new. Like the whole concept of this blog, pleasing your eyes with something new gives an enlightening feeling. Finding a spot where the couch should be placed and where those frames should be hanged gives a somewhat satisfying achievement for you whose living in the house. Sure it is exhausting, pushing and lifting those objects on your own, but even if you are only halfway finished, the excitement to see the result of your hard work is priceless. komedi_1427344035325_170 There are many things you can do to kill time while having fun as long as you avoid doing that exact same thing every day. Even eating your favorite food daily will make you crave to eat other kinds of food. It is always your choice to make your life so exciting. After all, we only live once.