Some video games are not entirely for entertainments sake. Believe it or not, most games really do help people solve their real-life problems such as financial, family planning, proper education, and even business. I’m sure, even the current chess master in the world tried to play a video game. For now, let’s leave those wooden boards and pebbles behind and understand what these strategic video games are really for.

The principle of most strategic games is simple; gather resource, command, build, defend, and conquer. Given that principle is already giving us the basic principle of living; gather resource to start, satisfy ourselves by either leading or following, build and develop, protect what is ours, and eventually colonize others.

image from Electronic Arts Games – Command & Conquer – Red Alert 2 – Yuri’s Revenge – Intro. Moving Picture created at

Let’s assume you are sitting in front of your desktop and you will play a strategy war game. We will use the game titled “Command & Conquer: Red Alert” as an example so you can understand this step-by-step.

1. “Battle control: Online.” Congratulations! You have just given an opportunity to live. This person giving you in-battle control assistance represents a very significant person and the main reason why you are alive.

image from Electronic Arts Games – Command & Conquer – Red Alert 2 – Yuri’s Revenge – Soviet Mission 2. Moving Picture created at

2. “MCV reporting in” yelled by the driver of the truck called MCV or Mobile Construction Vehicle. In some games, they appear as peasants but in Red Alert, they’re trucks. Armed with every materials and knowledge you will need in starting a base, this truck represents you. This is your central unit, your nervous system, your blood bag, your life line, your dreams. If you fail to protect it, all will be lost.

3. “Protect the ore!” sacrificing his life just to get those minerals and provide the resource for your whole base, this Ore Miner works with the most targeted Ore Refinery facility. Yes, you need MCV to build and expand but without resources, you are nothing but a hopeless cricket trapped in a spider web. You cannot accomplish a day without a single meal. You cannot buy anything without money. That is how it works. Somehow, it represents your job, your legal guardian, or any other profitable means that help you.


4. “For the union!” as your soldiers as they march out of your barracks. This Infantry facility gives you the most basic protection. This could represent you the basic knowledge to last for a day or some friends to protect you. Like most knowledge and friends, when you are young, they might leave you.

5. “Rhino Heavy Tank in position.” There! Now you have leveled up in upgrading your Armed-forces. Tanks, gunships, and artillery are produced at the War Factory. You can now also build naval warships. Using the units here, you will fortify your life from greater threats or use them to hurt others.


6. The sound of your radar indicates that you have now an eye in from the sky. Now you can see where your enemies are and your neighboring bases. Your Ego will now give you a little push to strike others so that they become weaker. However, something tells you to instead of attacking, gather many resources and build walls to protect yourself.

7. “Tesla Tank, reporting.” You will be given a chance to command stronger units. You will be reminded the quote “Kill or be killed.” In this world, only the strong remains.


8. “New construction and unit options.” As your base gets stronger and bigger, more enemies will try to take it from you. They will attack your resource facility, or maybe your war factory, or even attack you directly. You have something they want and taking it by force is always the final way.

9. “Unit lost”. Again, one of your friends left you. Or your executed plan didn’t work. Your actions always reflect the outcome of your future. No matter how hard you work, there are always casualties and collateral damages.

10. “Insufficient funds.” Your point-man has just reminded you, you’re losing money. Supplies are running low. You know peace is not always the answer and war is very expensive. Now you understand why they’re attacking earlier and now experiencing the same resource crisis they’re facing. You will now be given a second chance to fight for your life or be a sitting duck for hunters.

image from Electronic Arts Games – Command & Conquer – Red Alert 2 – Red Alert 2 – Allied victory. Moving Picture created at

11. “You are Victorious” or “You lost”. Once you lose, you will never get back and the game is over. But if you survive and win, you will appear victorious. You shall be renowned for the battles you have conquered and be recognized as a great individual.

In this game called life, there are things that can’t be avoided. Lives will be lost and it’s impossible not to get hurt. But no matter how cruel your fate is, losing is not an option. It’s always the losers who seek revenge.