Right now, we will talk about colors; how it enlightens us, how it arouses us, how it excites us, and even to guess somebody’s color preference by nationality.

Color is possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light. It also indicates the race of someone by the means of skin pigmentation. Color could be a name or an action word.

What’s funny about color is that it affects our lives, especially our bodies. By using your own body as an experiment subject, you can observe and feel how it affects you. You can be moody off-color or you can be lovely pink the next minute. You can be in sad black or angry red or you can go as peacefully white as a sheet.


Colors are very important to us because our visual senses are more highly developed than other creatures in some ways. In case you did not know, a normal eye contains around 37 million light receptors. The white light we see is made up of different wave lengths. Wave lengths are the distribution of colors produced when the visible spectrum which we commonly known as light is dispersed by a prism. These wave lengths have different colors; from the shortest which is violet and red which is the longest. Each of these colors is recognized via different path ways of the brain. Colors combined with light affect our hormones, health, and mood. Science describes color as a sensation; hence the fact that specific colors have a big impact and our take on color is highly personal. You have your own color preferences, I certainly have mine. And before we reach puberty, the decision as of which colors we hate and which colors we love is already made.


Our color preference starts as early as our childhood. How? Try to observe children with ages below 5 years old in their coloring activity. Apart of all the colors in their eyes, Red, yellow, and orange are often used. And at the age of thirteen or fourteen, they will start preferring the sort of blues and greens. It’s interesting to learn that before we actually choose which color we will use, we already decided what colors we like and what colors we don’t. But no matter how much you want to color everything you have with your favorite, remember there are things you need to consider first.


I think most of us notice that strong colors like yellows and reds actually have a strong physical impact on the way we feel about something. If you want proof, you can try this cool experiment in your room. Wrap the light bulb using a thin red-colored plastic wrap and relax for 5 minutes. While relaxing, write everything you think of on a piece of paper. After 5 minutes, wrap the light bulb with blue-colored plastic wrap and write what you think while relaxing. Assess what you wrote and you will notice that the positive ideas and feelings were written under the blue light, and all the bad in under the red light. This proves that color is something not only to indulge our eyes but also to affects our way of thinking.