I have to warn you because some of the things I will mention in this article are not safe for work.

Buildings, like cars, have to be created and have to undergo in some specification tests before going in to service. Restrooms, windows, geological properties, utilities, and even flooring should be checked and remain well-maintained to pass and continue in its long term service. One of the most fundamental, but also one of the most crucial elements that a standard building, regardless of its floor counts, must have is its fire exit. Fire Exit or Emergency Exit usually appear as either a concrete or metal staircase attached outside or could be inside the building. Buildings with only 1 floor should have a backdoor where you can escape if the main/front door can’t be used.

Now that you already know what an Emergency Exit is, I would like to tell you what are the awkward things that you can see (and maybe have already witnessed) in a fire exit:


  • Talk show

Regardless of the agenda, some people hang out in the Fire Exit because they find it private in there even though what they are saying can be heard by all the floor doors of the building. I call it talk show because a TV talk show has hot seat conversations, Funny joke portions, and even concert. They all do that in the same place.


  • Library

If your school has a fire exit and the utility personnel usually forgot to lock the door, a Fire Exit is a better place to study. Let’s be honest here, some school libraries are not as quiet as you expected. Or let’s say it is quiet, but not well-ventilated. Or let’s say it is both quiet and fully air-conditioned but you are sick and you need a fresh air or a warmer place to study. Fire Exit is the best place for you, but not for the person who thinks that fire exit is their only way to gain access to other floors faster. You are delaying him, move aside.


  • A Ghost

Nothing’s more awkward than seeing a ghost in a fire exit. I don’t believe in ghost since I believe it’s only a product of your scared mind and only materializes if you believe in it but when you are in a hustle, you are focused only one thing: get your feet on the right floor because you don’t want or might be already late. For the people who have seen a ghost in the fire exit while in a hurry, you are incredible for imagining 2 things while in the state of panic.


  • A Couple

A couple in the fire exit –the very reason why I wrote this article. When you are on your way to your office floor and chose to use fire exit to get there then suddenly, this couple making-out is in your way, blocking you: who do you think is disturbing whom? The most irritating part there is the moment when you realized they didn’t even notice your presence and just continue doing that. Will you cough a little to disturb their private moment in a public area or just move back and wait to elevator to arrive?


  • Canteen

People eating in the fire exit or even in a simple stair case are one thing that you might feel awkward to see. Stairs were originally made to set your foot on so it’s basically dirty and dusty, thinking all of that while walking down those stairs will make you feel uncomfortable. You know a simple “Excuse me” doesn’t really remove the dust spreading all over to their food.


  • Sleeping Quarters

A fire exit suddenly changes from a stair case to a bed room. During work breaks, employees often use fire exit to have a quick nap. You will feel amazed how they manage to sleep in there with different kinds of position. The awkward moment there is when you’re walking, they can hear you and you are disturbing their peaceful nap, hence the fact that it is them who’s disturbing you.


                Now that I have listed all the awkward things you might see or did in a fire exit, before you choose to use these stairs, think again. You might want to use the elevator instead. It’s quicker and not tiring.