Have you ever played a game that’s so frustrating that you almost threw the joystick to the nearest jerk you find because of the psychological pressure given to you by the villain of the game? Especially when the villain has psychological powers that he can already see your next move and brain wash your friends and troops against you, isn’t that annoying? Okay, calm down. Let go of that game controller, grab a glass of water, and relax while I give you some villain game characters from awesome games that might want to avoid or to challenge. Here are some of your famous psychopath arch enemies that leaves you thinking, “are they just brilliant or what?”


  • “The train is coming with its shiny cars. With comfy seats and wheels of stars. So hush my little ones, have no fear. The man in the moon is the engineer” -Dollmaker

Have you played Alice madness Returns? If yes, how’s your sanity? Alice Madness Returns is a game about Alice in wonderland in her teen years, just more insane from her childhood. Apparently, the Wonderland we used to remember as a magical place is now corrupted by ruin and pollution. Even Cheshire cat here learns how to use a tattoo. The Final boss of this game is the Wonderland reincarnation of Dr. Angus Bumby, the mastermind behind the Infernal Train and Wonderland’s corruption. He seems to be Alice’s psychiatrist who attempted to cure Alice with her insanity about Wonderland. Aside with the creepiness of the Dollmaker, he’s undoubtedly strong and lots of surprises under his hands (I mean literally). He keeps summoning minions while attacking with his hands at the same time.


  • “We find the life or death struggling against the power of capitalism. Only complete faith in Yuri can protect you. Only thought to compliance will save the lives of you and your family. Empty your mind and submit to my will. The less you know the good all of you will be. I’m Yuri. Obey me.” -Yuri

And he just manipulated and now killing the remaining half of your base. Isn’t that unfair, an enemy that can predict your next move and manipulate even your commanding officers to turn against you? The game is Command and Conquer Yuri’s Revenge, an extension game of the late Command and Conquer Red Alert 2. Here, Yuri is the chief adviser of the Soviet Union’s Premiere who started the war against the Allied Forces while establishing a secret army of his own as back up. Yuri uses his Psychic technology and constructed more than a dozen of Psychic Dominator towers across the globe to control the minds of the entire planet. No more free will, only his will.


  • “Why so serious?”-The Joker

Yes, the best villain of all time. He uses trickery and hazardous attempts to…just play with Batman. “You complete me!” as the Joker said with an intimate voice in the movie when Batman finally caught him. He’s the embodiment of insanity, humor, and brain. He even turned the Gotham’s white knight Atty. Harvey Dent into Batman’s enemy, 2-Face.


  • “You okay? No!? A-ha-ha-ha!”-Capt. Hazama

Sarcastic and cruel, Capt. Hazama is the Blazblue’s enemy number 1. He’s showed up in the first season of the game as a week and coward extra character in the story. He’s so useless, I almost regard him as a scenery background bystander, just watching and cheering while your chosen character brawls with another. Then suddenly, in the next season, you will find out that he’s the one responsible for all of what happened in the whole game. A real twisted one, right? And when you chose him as your hero he might even influence you with his very motivating words, “Long time no see. How’s your right arm holding up? Oops. My bad, I was the one who chopped that off, right? A-ha-ha-ha! So how does it feel?”


There are many reasons why our brains could somewhat reach its limits and may result to fits of rage. Don’t underestimate your brain because it acts both like the angel and devil whispering in your ears; each word can make your day favorable and satisfying, or turn it into your worst nightmare. Some people suffer from mental break down because of pressure. They became insane and very dangerous because their behavior is beyond your understanding. While others were brought to the nearest psychiatric ward for some “mental sessions”, others can actually behave like normal and often appear as nice persons with their inner insanity stay hidden. Unfortunate for you if you are his target in his revenge list, you will never know when he will say “hi!” to grab your neck or poison your taco. They are extremely hostile and unpredictable; they might have already leaked your gas tank to set an explosion when you cook breakfast up to the point that they are already re-establishing the Nazi army for global domination. They are very scary…but brilliantly amazing.