Have you ever dealt with a Virgo? Have you ever been offended or felt really irritated when you’re with a Virgo? Have you ever found yourself caught in our Virgo problems?

Here’s a little head start. Virgo is the sixth among the twelve Zodiac signs. Virgo means “the Virgin” or “The Maiden”.  Virgo is an earth element which means we are practical, cautious, and materialistic. Virgos are also outstanding in adaptability, this explains why we are not having a problem dealing with others but often having problem dealing with ourselves.

If you are a Virgo or you have a Virgo friend, I’m sure you have encountered these problems:


  1. Endless wonders

We always come to the point that we are asking ourselves and desperately looking for the answer even though it’s quite obvious, like “If Facebook is not allowed in working hours, does people who work in Facebook also not allowed to use Facebook?” We Virgos really love to make simple things complicated.

  1. Patience with benefits

Virgos are only patient if they are going to gain something from it. We believe in the principle of Equivalent Rate and we are often selfish as long as it satisfies us. We always seek for fairness and bear in our minds the “Fair exchange” and “The law of retaliation”.


  1. Apple of your eye

We will produce good results if we feel good about ourselves and to do that, we always make sure we look good each time we are going somewhere or doing something. We like to be the best in terms of appearance in front of people.

  1. Always associated as a lady

To make us easy to understand, others treat us as girls regardless of our gender. I admit it when I’m confused or angry my friends talk to me like I have a mood swing. This includes our characteristics to clean a mess to avoid frustration even though we are not that organized. On top of that, most Virgos boys are real mean but with a face of a girl.


  1. Over thinking everything

We tend to over think things. This one is really funny. In a situation where you will notice something that wasn’t right, you might think about it for maybe a couple of times or probably just ignore it. But while you’re thinking that, we Virgos have formulated dozens of questions in our head. By over thinking things, we tend to avoid bad things from happening or prepare ourselves for the worst.

  1. Perfectionist Eyes

If you’re going to ask which body part of a Virgo is the most sinful, that would be our eyes. We are perfectionist when it comes to details. Some Virgos even get an itchy finger for seeing a crooked frame, or seeing a wrong tied neck tie. Most of us Virgos are stylish. We follow the color rule of certain fashion elegance. If your fashion color combination is blue, white, and grey, some of us might get mad for noticing the black-red colored cap you’re wearing.


Most of us Virgos will stay silent but in our head, we are thinking what we can do to make that small wrong detail right. We all have different Zodiac signs but in the end of the day, everyone is equal.