Funny how it seems that some Philippine afternoon drama shows can cause from a pot of rice to burn down the whole house. I remember when my mom was doing the laundry and she accidentally washed my white school uniform together with red shirt because she’s crying from watching the “Temptation of Wife” Tele-drama series which my dad used to call “infestation of wife”. A victim of an afternoon show indeed. It’s not just watching the show while doing house choirs that makes these Philippine tele-dramas messed up our normal day. I’m not saying I’m against it; it’s just that these shows somehow must be placed in the proper air time or something where it can’t ruin someone’s daily routine.


These TV shows made some mothers stay on what they believe in. Has your mother ever told you these words, “Study hard so that when you graduated, you will be able to find a good job and help and take care of me as I grow old”? Do you know that is very wrong? It’s the Spanish people who taught that wrong knowledge to us together with the silly belief that a ghost will eat you if you don’t do this and that. They did this so that Filipinos will serve them like a slave. Notice what the Chinese people taught to their children, “Study hard so that when you finally graduated, you can inherit our business or put up a business of your own.” They are taught how to be the boss of their own company.


It gave us the wrong ideas. Some characters that died on the early episodes by any reason come back to life with a grand entrance. Honestly, how often does a dead character comes back to life in every drama series? I can’t remember a Philippine drama show where the father/mother/best friend/enemy/neighbor of the protagonist stays dead when they died. On the final episodes of the series wherein the antagonist is becoming more persistent and desperate, the gun is always the last resort. She or He will suddenly be guarded by dozens of often stupid and cross-eyed stuntman and always caught doing some ruckus like a terrorist.

But before we came to the bad guy hiring part, let’s talk about the gun itself first. How much is the cheapest gun sold in the Philippine gun shops? I think I saw the cheapest gun is worth 14,999.00 Pesos, can you imagine that!? Not to mention their M16 standard issue Assault Rifles, C4 explosive bombs, time bombs, hand grenades, and sometimes Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers. We’re talking about millions of pesos here. Should we still proceed to the professional bad guy stunt man hiring?


Philippine Drama messed up your life by enhancing your doubt. Remember the high rating afternoon drama series of 2014? Most of the shows are focused on husband stealing. What does it teach us? That it’s more convenient to steal a husband than a boyfriend? It’s not about which is less shameful and which is more practical; it’s about stealing somebody’s man is not right. Yes, the protagonist will have her revenge in the mid-episodes, but did you know that revenge is not a good thing? Vengeance is an act of punishing your enemy. If you are the wife or the stolen husband and you seek revenge, I’m sure you are not planning to go to her house and give them a brand new car.


In the mid-episodes, you find yourself expecting the ending with which character is marrying who, and which character is fooling what. This happens to us a lot. We will begin by saying “I am the director, writer, and producer of that story” And then follow it with what we expect to happen next. The ending of drama series is predictable for those who don’t enjoy watching it. When the protagonist finally decided to fight back, you will comment only 2 things; “She should have done that earlier” and “Wow! She is really going to nail it!”


What I like with the TV network stations, they started to give their viewers a reminder that some scenes are not good for some of the audience, I just hope that some adult watchers know when to apply what they watch and when to stop watching.