There are many things that we enjoy while killing boredom in school. Average students will study with or without their classmates, delinquent students will choose to play computer games in the nearest computer shop, and apparently, there are selected few who will walk around and stare on walls and desks.  They are called “Alice of Vandaland”.  They are more likely students who enjoy reading not books, but vandalism on the walls.


Vandalism roughly means an action involving damage to public and private property. Vandalism doesn’t always mean carving your hatred on your wooden seat with your knife, it also means when you erase the school restroom signage (if your school have one) to confuse users, that is already vandalism. Believe it or not, it all goes back to Gothic era in early Enlightenment Age. Vandals were actually Germanic people, an Indo-European ethno-linguistic group of Northern European origin of the languages of Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, Icelanders, Germans, etc. Romans attributed the word Vandalism to these people, in respect of culture: because of their ruthless and senseless destruction of anything beautiful or vulnerable.


I first heard this when I was in college without knowing that I’m actually one of them. Back then, I was a loner but like most students who value a coin in every tuition fee hike, I join student rallies when we needs to. So, listening to what students say is actually important to me. It’s a hobby like listening to music. Reading those words or analyzing those insignias made me wonder if the person who wrote it got caught or something. You can see in every stroke of the letters and the wiggly lines of their drafts. Sometimes, I even see unfinished vandals and can’t help of thinking what happened to its writer. Did they got caught and made to pay for damages? Some graffiti were interestingly meant to be unfinished. These unfinished vandals will leave you thinking what’s the next? Like waiting for the next episode of a series, you are left hanging out and therefore, wait for the next part of the written vandal.


Some schools have a board called “Freedom Wall” where you can write everything you want, be it with or against the school management or declaring your love to someone. But in my school, we don’t have that. I guess the open door policy didn’t reach our Dean’s ear when it was spread by who ever made it. We feel imprisoned every time we realize that our words were not valued by our higher-ups. That’s exactly the reason why most of us want to be superior to others.


Here’s a fact. There’s a defense mechanism called Displacement wherein we take out the bad feeling caused by stress, anger, or frustration on a less threatening object. And this case, we’re talking about the victim objects of the creative angry mind who can only let go of his feelings through and by destroying them. In his opinion, he might only be doing that because he wanted to be heard and/or at the same time relieve his stress. I’m not saying Vandalism is good but I am really fascinated in reading what other people think. And remember: no matter how artistic a vandal looks, it’s still vandalism.