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Seriously, Harley Quinn?? I didn’t see that. Amazing.

Mind-blowing facts we viewers didn’t thought. Just read it from, an amazing blog.

20+ Actors With Their Body Doubles Show Your Whole Life Was A Lie

My mind is my secret, My words are my soul, My fear is a teardrop, My guilt is untold. Your face is my vision, Your voice is my sail, Your sex is remission, Your joy beyond pale. Our love will be legend, Our touch will divest, Our fate is to transcend, Our memory blessed. This […]

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My Top 10 list of SHANGHAI TANGO’s Simple yet Brilliant and Most Witty Illustrations


Been fond of scrutinizing the inner sense of arts?

Well, Gao Youjun who goes by the name Shanghai Tango’s illustrations are the best fit for you. Tango creates plain illustrations that often require a second look. Dryly drawn cats, dogs, penguins, even society or anything that make imaginative observations of everyday life are the focus of his arts.


It isn’t surprising to know that Tango have plenty collections of his witty illustrations because according to what I have read about him, he began drawing these cartoons in 2010, so that’s going to be 6 years from now. Can you imagine how many are those cartoons? Nah, (raises white flag~)


Okay, In regards to Tango’s amazing clever illustrations I have checked out 30 of those (Not even got to half of his entire works) and had come up with Top 10 which really made my mind insane or to make it short, Tango’s simple yet unpredictably witty illustrations.


  1. Thought someone was hanging to death? Nope. Look inside. hang to death.jpg


  1. These dogs got their unique but hmm… such a very hilarious way to tan themselves. Take a look at this.9 hilarious animal tanning.jpg


  1. Lovers in Paris. A simple hug has turned into a famous landmark in Paris–The Eiffel Tower.8 lovers in paris


  1. All things could be easy to handle if we only think on the positive side of it. This guy lightens his job by the thought of his dream to participate in Olympics.7 dream to be in Olympics


  1. Is there anyone who could be as silly as this guy? What is there to draw such a tower-like lines to form a cone just to let your dog poop in. See? He now left a “poo-cream” on the floor. Silly human.6 Instant poo-cream


  1. How many illustrations did you see? I bet two, yes? This one really had me to take another glance on it. And all I have seen is this girl’s emotional state under depression and stress.5 depression hits


  1. Remember when a certain guy put his eyeglasses on the floor in a museum and people thought it was a part of the exhibit I am not saying it was a terrible prank but the fact that people easily thought such things were piece of art is really alarming. It’s like anything can be an art as long as it was made by someone popular or even anonymous though what he/she created is totally nothing yet gave an impact to the public. Is modern art a mess?4 modern art


  1. What an amazing cliffhanger! Ever thought construction workers could possibly be construction tic tac toe players? Tango nailed it to these two.3 construction players


  1. Oh look! Everyone’s mourning for the loss of their relative. Wait. Let me take a better view on this. Nah, they’re just enjoying their hi-tech smart phones. Who knows they’re tagging themselves on Facebook.2 different sides to mourn


And lastly, the one who really caught my attention.


  1. This & sign which I think represents the “end” instead of its correct usage which is the “and”. Why? Analyze the photo. The couple seems to fade on the bench. So it only means they “ended” the relationship. This is just my opinion. I don’t know what you thought of this but if you think, you figured out the possible sense of this illustration, please comment it down. I also want to know.&= end relationship


I have few observations with Shanghai Tango’s illustrations. He seems to love penguins because in all of his cartoons where animals were featured, penguins have been frequently used.example for penguins can easily put cartoon ideas on I don’t know maybe because the way he drew penguins helped him to easily come up with amazing master piece or he simply have this huge admiration with penguins. Who knows? As an addition to this, Tango also uses the concept of everyday living in which his audience really need to take a second look or think. Just like the cartoon on my top list the “&” symbol, I really scrutinize it thoroughly though I am not sure if we guys have the same analysis of it.





A lovely poem to match the serene weather–Rain

Let the rain fall down                                                                 

Raindrops. Water rushing down the
Teardrops. Tears streaming down your
I know you wanna play under the rain.
‘Cause you’d do anything to hide your

I’ll be with you when it’s raining.
I’ll be with you when you’re crying.
We’ll find comfort in the storm, darling.
In silence, where both our hearts are
I’m here with you all the way.
No matter what happens every day.

Remember that.
No matter what.

© Alexandrea Jean “Andrea” Garcia



You probably have eaten mangoes in your entire life. You have tasted different ones– sour, not-so sour, and even tasted the sweetest one. But among all those mangoes I’m pretty sure you always remove the rotten part or simply, you just disregard eating and trash it instantly. Have you ever tried tasting those mangoes with a single rot? I did. It was just a day that has passed when I get to taste a rotten mango (it isn’t rotten all over actually, it’s just a bit big) perhaps you also did and to tell you, I have realized things.


rotten mango.jpg

This is exactly what it looks like I was not able to take a picture of the said rotten mango because it was too late when I thought of it, I ate it all up already but this one really looks like it.


It is not the appearance that matters. We always care about ones appearance. I have proven it myself, when I was done devouring the entire mangoes, there was one left  this is what I’m talking about, the last mango that doesn’t look fresh and good or should I say the unwanted one. I still tried to eat it. At first, I had this urge to just not to because of how it looks like. Bright yellow which symbolizes it is overripe covered with little dark spots and a huge one which obviously the rotten part. Think of it? It doesn’t really looks appealing to eat, right? I just have to eat it because I do not want to waste food. Regardless of what I think of what it would taste like, I still ate it. To my surprise, it wasn’t that gross. For me, it was the sweetest among all those mangoes. Yes, there were parts that I wasn’t able to eat because of the rot but it didn’t become a hindrance; the rest tasted just so sweet.

Stop judging things when you do not get to examine it yet. This is not only applicable for things, food or what but to humanity as well. Nowadays, people used to drag other people down when they think someone is achieving greater than what they have achieved, to make it worse these people instantly judge people by their looks and what they do. Isn’t it amazing when we all know of the famous quoted line “Nobody’s perfect.” and yet we still care to judge easily?  My board mates and I have judged this poor rotten mango because we didn’t care to taste it first, some people should think about the same too. Know the person first before doing a verdict. Once you judge you’re slowly ruining someone’s life. Why don’t you think of someone doing the same to you, Is it nice? If you think it isn’t, then stop judging.

“To such an extent does nature delight and abound in variety that among her trees there is not one plant to be found which is exactly like another; and not only among the plants, but among the boughs, the leaves and the fruits, you will not find one which is exactly similar to another”, said Leonardo Da Vinci.  Therefore, we are all different. Humans, fruits, trees, things and all the living and non-living things we are all not the same. Let us keep in mind that we must not expect too much on each other for it is not our mission to live to please an individual. In fact, we should embrace our differences, not be afraid of them and we should never judge a person on our first impression which is often about how he or she looks. Taking the time to get to know the person within is a far better indicator than pre-judging them on appearances alone. Just like what I mistakenly did, if I had just take a look on the physical appearance of that rotten mango, I wouldn’t have tasted its sweetness and also, I wouldn’t be able to realize the beauty and motivation that it has given to us. mango mango

This is such a wonderful thought to think of especially these days when most people choose to censure their individuals without knowing a thing. I came up with a realization to not loquaciously talk shits as easy as that to other people though I already know that, we probably need to be reminded sometimes for us not to forget that important thing.

For this event, I was really amazed to the fact that I could relate a simple rotten mango to the reality of criticism and being unwanted. Surely, you think this entire post is as shallow as ones naive intellect but come to think of it, put yourself on that unwanted mango’s situation and you will be the one that’s always left and trashed. How does it feel then? Only you could answer that, your answer is what I’m talking about. This is definitely shallow if you give no importance to your surroundings. I’ll leave it right here. It was midnight when I ate those mangoes same time when that sudden realization came. How I wish to have lots of sudden realization each day so it is not only I who would be enlighten, also my readers.

And lastly, I appreciate the vendor who put that rotten mango as part of what we bought and also, I thank the rotten mango for giving us thoughts of enlightenment.






The English Language On Word Order Depends — Live to Write – Write to Live

While I’m hiking The Long Trail, I’m reposting old favorites. This one originally published October 22, 2013. The English language on word order depends. If that sentence doesn’t convince you, try this: Take the adverb “only” and place it in different positions in the following sentence. He said, “I love you.” (Nice thought.) Only he […]

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The Hardships of Being Part of #TeamBahay


Last Friday, 30 July 2016 at MOA Arena, one of the hottest and most popular kpop group, BTS has finally performed in my country (Philippines) for the SECOND TIME, burning up the entire night of PH Armys with their hit singles “Fire”, “Save Me”, “I Need You” and more. The hype was absolutely real when I got to see all the updates from the group that I joined because even the plane where BTS was riding on was being tracked (or maybe the photo of the tracking image of BTS’ plane was from the airline itself. I don’t have the idea either) and also the preparation for the arrival of the boys were well-planned. All the #TeamAirport Armys who patiently waited for the boys to arrive, well-organized practiced the boys “Just One Day” as a surprise performance for them.


And you know the terrible part of it? I was neither on the concert nor at the airport. Sad to say, I’m actually part of the #TeamBahay.


You might wonder what’s with this hash tag.


For Filipino fans, the #TeamBahay is the worse situation you will be into when the day comes that your idols will be having their concert, also this hash tag usually trends when a certain superstar will get to perform in a particular country in which some fans who unfortunately failed to attend. It actually hurts because it was already the second time that BTS performed here and yet for goodness’ sake, I was not updated that it even resulted to my loss of chance to save money. I know I sounded like terribly dumb or what because they said fangirls are good at saving money. They are very diligent in saving money just to get their hands on their favourite group’s Albums, Official Merchandise and most awaited concert but then I wasn’t able to save. Honestly I really pity myself when I heard that it was only a week to go before BTS’ concert comes because I already had the realization that I won’t be there. So yeah, I have no choice but to wait for another concert to come which might happen next year. (Still a humor but I’m hoping they’re serious)


Now, let me tell you the hardships or MY hardships of being in the awful #TeamBahay in my own perspective. Surely, my co-team bahay Armys could relate to this.


  • No fan-cam, stolen photos, or even unexpected freebies from your idols for sure. Obviously if you were not able to go to a concert, you will have nothing to record or take photos on. blog photo for no.1.jpgYou’ll only rely on those videos uploaded in Youtube or worse you will only rely to your co-fandom’s fancam and stolen shots asking them to tag it you on Facebook. Goodness, isn’t that so sad??


  • The feeling of emptiness. When the thought of not seeing your idols personally hits you, you’ll surely feel empty because you know for a fact that it will take you another year to wait for their next concert in your country, that is if it really just a year to count. blog photo for no.2Sometimes a group or a superstar makes a comeback concert to your country after a year because they love the appreciation so I guess it will depend on the earned money during a concert. Also that feeling when your friends or co-fandom will get to attend the said concert and it’s just you who failed to do so… Goodness! It really sucks.


  • We cannot stop “the feels”. Have you ever felt that feeling when you were at home and you were stalking on your idols’ concert updates and suddenly you just started giggling and crying till you look stupid to the eyes of the people seeing you, that’s what I felt when I was at the office, sitting while stalking BTS’ concert photo for no.3 real.gif I really felt so broke that time, poor me.


  • You’ll only wish your idols “Good luck!” Yes, what else can we do? We were not in the concert to shout and cheer for them so we only had the few things to do the same, through social media: Twitter, Facebook, Tumbr…etc. and lastly through prayers. Good thing, they all worked. Kudos! Team Bahay!blog photo for no.4


  • You’ll be in your bedroom, making no noise and pretending that you don’t exist. Generally, this would be the worst thing that a fan could do during her idols’ event. Sometimes a fan can no longer take the pain of hearing and seeing those posted status about a certain event saying “OMG! Few hours from now, we’ll burn it up!”, “I’m gonna see my Chim Chim!”,#SoExcited” and lots of exaggerated thoughts due to excitement.
    blog photo for no.5.jpg
    Can someone stop them? I’m seriously dying inside. 

    There were some who ride on to their excitements but there were also some who just get hurt because they cannot relate.


Alright, enough with dramas I’ll just watch some of the printed selcas (a term to substitute in the word selfie to use as a shortened word for self-camera/self-capture) of my idols while playing their whole songs and I’ll do concert by myself. That would be the simplest thing that I could do to ease the negativity and melancholy that BTS concert has caused me because seriously I couldn’t get over as of now. Call me insane but that’s what I felt.


 Note to self: Be up-to-date. Save more money for unexpected events.





Animated movies where villains gone good


“I’m the bad guy, I don’t save the day, I don’t fly off into the sunset and I don’t get the girl.”


When it comes to superhero movies, today’s audiences come loaded with certain expectations: an emotional origin story, a menacing villain and the dynamic triumph of good over evil. As a fan of animated movies, I find it kind of boring to watch the same plots and endings where the good guys suffer in the beginning but in the end will win over the bad then, the bad guys will be sent to nowhere maybe in jail or what to prove that it worth the fight for the good because bad guys never win in the end of a story. Due to the unvarying plot twists, I’m pretty sure many people were craving for a different one.


We used to define villains as the antagonists, bad guy or the evil one in every movie, also the enemy that contradicts the entire good deeds of the hero. Through the years animated movies producers has came up with a different plot twist where your detested villain will get your sympathy because they somewhat changed side and gone good.


Before we go further, an article from Wikia cited several ways (which I also agreed) a villain can redeem themselves.

It can either be:

  • The villain is a hypnotized, brainwashed or possessed pawn who does not know they are being controlled until they are freed, is grateful to whatever hero freed them so they ally with them.


  • The hero reveals to them that their actions are actually causing harm, or tries to conform them. The individual chooses their desire for righteousness over what they have done, and/or decides the hero had helped them see what they were doing was wrong, and becomes a full-time hero.


  • Choosing their family over evil. This usually happen with villains who have families and to care for them. They realize that their actions are actually hurting their spouses, children, siblings, or any other members in their family so they change their ways.


  • Betrayed by their fellow villainous allies/bosses, which made them choose to turned to the good side. After they tasked to antagonized hero and their deed success, their allies/bosses dump them away or tries to kill them straight away, in either way the so-called villain escape.


  • Being memory-wiped or brainwashed into becoming a hero and deciding that they like their new personality and life better than their old ones when they inevitably learn the truth. It was mentioned that this is the rarest and most controversial form of a villain redeeming themselves since they did not turn good by their own free will and essentially had to be programmed into being good. It is reserved only for villains who would normally be a (Complete Monster) under their circumstances, we, as the audience or readers met them as a hero first, not knowing they are brainwashed or have fake memories. The “hero” does not know this either and is just as horrified as the viewer when they learn the truth about the horrible things they have done or regain their real memories. But they have spent so much time as a hero and living with an artificial good personality that they choose their new life over their former one and become true heroes.

I see, so let’s have a reminder to note then. If the character that we think is the hero or the protagonist is currently in an “On and Off status”, meaning still having some issues with not only themselves but with his/her life, let us not tag them as the “Good Guy” or “the Hero” unless they stayed good right up the very end of the story.

In relation to all of this, I have listed animated movies where the villains or some of the villains who took a big part on a certain movie, changed sides and gone good.



  • Megamind

I have chosen Megamind being on my top list because of one thing, he portrays the villains’ good side. A certain part in the movie where Megamind claimed that he is nothing but a villain saying he doesn’t save the day and worse he doesn’t the girl, has proved it. It was actually my favorite part and line there. The two fight each other until one day, almost accidentally, Megamind destroys Metro Man. The film then explores what happens to evil when good is no longer present. This scenario gives an idea to Megamind to create his new nemesis to supposedly fight against him turned out it simply backfires his expected result so he had the urge to save not only the entire day but the girl he began to love. Generally, the movie wanted to send this simple yet deep message to us, audience, “Destiny is not the path given  to us, but the path we choose for ourselves” We always have the option to change ourselves as long as we know that it’ll be beneficial.Megamind blog photo

  • Wreck-It-Ralph

Having that feeling to be loved by your fellowmen is what Ralph only wants. This leads him to reveal his desire to stop being the bad guy and tell his fellowmen that if he won a medal like what Felix (the hero) does in their game, he would earn their respect. He got a medal in a certain game where he was about to cause a huge destruction on the entire game central. He met a young trouble-making “glitch” from a candy-coated cart racing game that will teach Ralph what it means to be a Good guy and they actually did it. Ralph gained the respect of his fellowmen and became the good guy though not literally in the game but to his personality. I will never forget my favorite line “I am bad and that’s good, I’m not good and that’s not bad”Wreck_it_ralph_art.png


  • The Despicable Me

Being a super-villain is never a hard task for a Pro like Gru. He was able to plan great objectives to accomplish until three orphans who look at him and see something that no one else has ever seen: a potential Dad has entered his life. He finds that the orphans love for him is profoundly changing him for the better making him the good guy in the movie.Gru_in_the_bank_of_evil


  • Monster’s University

In this movie, I actually find two, should I call them villains hmmm… Yes, two villains– Sullivan and Dean Abigail Hardscrabble.

At the first scene of the movie, it was Mike Wazowski who became the protagonist because the story focuses on his life alone until the lazy happy go-lucky student Sullivan ruin his life and well, make it more challenging. He gone good when their dispute ends due to the accidental break of a cylinder containing the greatest achievement of the one of the top scarer among all the monsters in that university — Dean Abigail Hardscrabble. She gone well at the end, (maybe that how it was supposed to happen) when she was amazed by how Mike and Sully survived in a terrible incident.


  • Ice age

Back when the Earth was being overrun by glaciers, and animals were scurrying to save themselves from the upcoming Ice Age, a sloth named Sid, a mammoth named Manny, and a saber-toothed tiger named Diego are forced to become unlikely heroes. Well, Diego is not in their side in the first place. He was just attached to the child; it was the one who changed him. The three reluctantly come together when they have to return a human child to its father while braving the deadly elements of the impending Ice Age. As to what I have observed in the movie, the humans were the real villain in the movie other than the natural phenomena, Ice age because they hunt animals especially those who they proved that stole the child. Humans turned the other way around when of course; they see the child bringing back to them.Ice Age humans

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Everybody loves Christmas, don’t we? We do but the Grinch didn’t. In this movie, his life was narrated on how and why he hated the Christmas. There was actually a book originally created by Dr. Seuss where the movie of course got the concept. They just made a live action of it still the original version was there. The Grinch’s envious feeling towards the Christmas got worse that he even wanted to stop it from coming. He was befriended by Cindy Lou Who, who helped him to understand the deep meaning of Christmas. If you have watched this movie, I’m pretty sure you loved it because I really did and I honestly wanted to watch it right now, right after I finish this blog.jim-carrey-How-the-Grinch-Stole-Christmas.jpg


Among all these animated movies, I have learned five things:


  • Fix everything by ourselves and stop putting the blame to others because it won’t help either. It will only make things worse.


  • At some point in your life you will be forced to make a decision between what is right and what is not.


  • Find your own path. At first, it was hard, definitely because we are all clueless of what we will become but soon if we chose to focus on what makes us happy, we will found it.


  • Be unique. We are all different in all ways so I always have this question, why do some people keep on hiding their true identity, I mean their attitude, personality and the likes or who are they for real. Being unique is what makes a man beautiful so it is important to exercise the truthfulness to one’s self.


  • Learn all the essence of life. Let us not be blinded by our materialistic minds. Focus on what is the real meaning of a certain thing. There are lots of things that seem to be as it is though it is actually not like that so being mature enough to understand those is very essential to a human being.


There you go, the animated movies were the villains gone good. Honestly there were all based on my favorite’s list so you may find it a few. If you wanted to add more, please let me know. I would gladly read them and if I have time, I’ll add them on the list.

Play and Display: CATTCH, Colorful Platform game


If I said that I have a new game to play, usually it’s a match-three puzzle adventure game because of these three things: easy, simple and less-challenging. I don’t know maybe because if it is simple I could simply pass the challenge and go on to the next level. Recently, I started this recommended game of a friend that is somewhat a bit like a puzzle adventure game but with a twist. Do you still remember Super Mario?

Super Mario 

 Our addictive childhood platform video game wherein you have to survive the main antagonist’s forces, reach the flag to clear the level and of course save Princess Toadstool as your main objective, the concept of this game is a bit similar to that but what made it different is this game’s features.



From ROP to Darklings, Mild mania made its way to give plenty of actions on our mobile devices as it brings us next generation puzzle plat former, built of square blocks, crazy cool worlds that full of dangers and surprises—levels that will rotate and change shape, throw you in the air and take you underground– CATTCH yes that’s how it is spelled. Why, because this plat forming game introduced the newest stylish and cute cat that will run, jump, climb, slide and punch his way through a variety of environments in order to rescue its friends from the evil black critters. Your main objective in the game is simple: free them (Cattch’s three furry friends), grab some gold stars and finish the level before the timer runs out in order to get the classic three-star rating per-level. Oh I forgot to mention those fuzzy blue things…,cattch blue stars you also need to gather some of it because it puts extra seconds on the clock; I seriously didn’t know the purpose of these blue stuffs not until I observed the tickling clock. When I was able to gather those fuzzy blue stuffs, I just got an extra-time and got the perfect three-star rating.

This game features:

  • Cattch – The new cutest cat hero (I never thought the title is also the name of the protagonist…Silly!)
  • Smooth puzzle platform
  • Brilliant world of Cubika
  • Dynamic world built of mind-blowing rotating blocks
  • Awful yet challenging traps to avoid and yes, the hero’s friends to save
  • Amazing journey through 50 levels (Obviously, I haven’t gotten to these said 50 levels because I just started the game, but I have searched for photos of what it looks like.)

Note:  The game levels below appear to be in different worlds so let’s just keep on playing the game in order for us to play these levels.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 (Oh look! This level has flying critters to attack. Hmmm—we better watch out. )cattch with flying enemy.png

  • Dozens of sweet stickers (As of now, I only got one sticker because I just begin the game. Well, I’m going to collect those. Try me.)
  • Enhanced Gamepad support (Well, this one is really amazing. I feel like playing my PSP. I guess this is what made this game unique other that an ordinary platform game. Playing the same platform games like when you’re simply going from left to right is kind of boring so this gamepad really adds fun to the game.)

Okay so what about the CONTROLS? The controls are very simple. As you can see, you have the onscreen controls that you can use to JUMP, DOUBLE-JUMP, PUNCH (use that red circle to attack) and grab on to things to help Cattch move around, rescue its friends. For me, the key to survive each level is to think critically where to grab on to things or where to hop in because if you will watch some walkthrough of this game, walls turn into critters so you have to be alert whether to hop there ahead or not. Overall, I think Cattch will help me make my nights shorter (because I have Insomnia so the more I stay awake without doing anything, the more it seems to me like the nights are freakin’ long). I will surely keep on playing this especially now that I’ve seen the upcoming worlds. It simply made me more excited to complete the levels.

On the latter part, well, when I was doing a brief background review on Mild Mania, I’ve seen the trailers and everything about Darklings, I actually had this urge to download and try it as well because of its dark design.  darklings_2

I’m a gloomy person so yes, I love dark concepts and Darklings just got my attention plus the gestures thing to use as an attack. Isn’t it amazing? I am not surprised to know that it was an award winning platform game. Let me try this soon.

For now, I’ll enjoy and finish this game first. I’ll see if I could CATTCH this game ahead and win my entire target: Play the different worlds, complete the exciting sticker collection and the new skills of Cattch, if there’s any.



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