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ROCK N ROLL: Pepe Smith the Legendary Filipino Rock Icon


We all know that the legendary Filipino rock icon Joseph William Feliciano Smith was born December 25, 1947, raised by his mother, Conchita Feliciano but not entirely when it comes to his father, Edgar William Smith, a US serviceman. Obviously, he needed to go back to his country to fulfill his job. A singer-songwriter, drummer and guitarist who formed his first rock band at age 11, in 1959 which was first called The Blue Jazzers, later The Villains, and then The Surfers.

A few years later, Smith became a rock sensation in Manila as the drummer and lead vocal of Eddie Reyes and the Downbeats band, imitating Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. This earned him the title “Mick Jagger of the Philippines”. It was 1970 when he joined the seminal Pinoy rock group Juan dela Cruz together with Mike Hanopol in bass and Wally Gonzales in guitar. The band became quartet a few years later with the addition of Edmond Fortuno (a.k.a “Bosyo”) in drums.juan-de-la-cruz-himig-natin

He’s a former member of Anakbayan. Due to his addition to the band, Smith decided to play the guitar instead. He’s also good in guitars so it isn’t a problem. Aside from being “Jack of all trades” (as I may say it) when it comes to musical instruments, Pepe Smith also took a huge part in Juan dela Cruz where it was him who composed Juan De la Cruz’s arguably most classic song “Himig Natin”.

 “Ang himig natin ang inyong awitin

Upang tayo’y magsama-sama

  Sa langit ng pag-asa”


You might wonder why we have the so-called “Pinoy Rock” today. It is due to their track which became the anthem of Manila’s post-hippie culture and underground radio network, particularly the DZRJ-AM radio show, Pinoy Rock ‘n’ Rhythm which was later on shortened to “Pinoy rock”. So if ever you wondered what brought this “Pinoy Rock” to Filipino music industry, Juan Dela Cruz did it most especially, Pepe Smith.


Reverting back when Pepe Smith was still with The Downbeats, those who witnessed the concert of The Beatles at the Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila in 1966 definitely knew that The Downbeats were one of the performers who opened the concert for them along with Eddie Reyes performing “Get Off of My Cloud”. Try asking your older relatives if they knew about this. Pretty sure they know.


Although today isn’t a good day to do a throwback, allow me to bring you back in the previous music era, listening to the timeless songs and performance of the also known as Father of Filipino Rock, Pepe Smith.


Like a Rolling Stone cover by The Downbeats– Originally song by Bob Dylan. This song was recorded a few years before they formed the Juan dela Cruz band. It is said that the Downbeats original member’s in this record was Tony Jalandoni in guitar, Charlie Meelieb also in guitar and Tonet Fabie in bass while Pepe Smith were in vocals and drums.


Ihip ng Hangin by Pepe Smith from the album, “Idiosyncracies”. I highly admired the lyrics of this song. By simply listening to it you could already feel the dedication that he expressed in this earnest piece. This was originally composed by Pepe Smith himself.


(Acoustic version by Pepe Smith live from his house in Baguio City-source: YouTube)

“Ibibigay ko sayo ohhh

Kaligayahan ng buong mundo oh oh oh oh

Masdan mo ang bahaghari

Tulay na papuntang langit”


Beep beep beep by Juan Dela Cruz band– The song that would surely create hype at an instant due to its startling instrumental. This song was included in the band’s masterpiece album where it unleashed the full power on their listeners. This also became the symbol for Philippine mode of public transportation– the Jeepney.

“Beep beep beep beep

Sabi ng tsuper ng jeep

Beep beep beep beep

Tabi kayo’t baka kayo’y maipit”

Pepe Smith and his former bands had given a huge impact to the Philippine music industry. Among all the OPM bands today, it was them who were first to marked in their industry. Am I the only one who can’t help to sing when their song “Titser’s Enemy No.1” plays? I guess not.


To this end, there was a writer from Inquirer who wondered about the consideration of including  the category “National Artist for Pinoy Rock” in the National Artist Awards. It also came to my mind. At first, I was thinking twice if there is already but then it turned out that there’s none. I was wondering when it will happen. Let us not repeat the event of the posthumous award of Fernando Poe Jr. as The National Artist because in my opinion, it isn’t worth-it. What for? When the supposedly awardee has died already. He can no longer appreciate that but only his family. At least this time, let us prove that it is not only Ramon Santos (National Artist awardee for music) and his co-living awardees will be the only living National Artist awardees as the years passed. I immensely hope that “National Artist for Pinoy Rock” will soon be included in the category because if that time comes, I’ll definitely nominate for Pepe Smith, the Filipino rock icon!

At least before it’s too late.



THEY ARE ALL OUT TO GET YOU. OR TRYING, ANYHOW. Google is spying on you. So is the government. And Amazon, and almost every single website you visit … even if you don’t actually visit it but just pass briefly through a photo that’s linked to the site. Every bit of raw data is collected […]


A GLIMPSE ON THE “EMO-ERA”: Top 10 Remarkable Songs of CHICOSCI



Emo“, a term that usually describes a person wearing all black outfits paired with whether thick or thin eyeliner, sometimes accompanied by a sharp and thin blades and a shady bed hairdo perfect with a bit long slant bangs to complete the look. This is the trending get-up way back 2000’s where our favorite dark and edgy bands, international or local invaded our sane minds.


From international dark and edgy bands, we have My Chemical Romance who clearly left breathtakingly remarkable songs in our lone days and at the same time, left us in vain when they got disbanded. If “My Chemical Romance” gave a momentous memory in your dark days I’m pretty sure you admired or at least heard about “Chicosci”, the Philippine rap-metal band known to their trademark dark theme, offbeat musicality and are headed by the not-only intense but also charismatic vocalist of the band, Miguel “Miggy” Chavez. Who wouldn’t know this band?

Now, reverting back to 2000’s, I have here 10 remarkable songs of Chicosci which totally marked in not only to my “emo-era” but to my co-Chicosci fans as well.


From the album Method of Breathing: Glass is Broken

  • “Bring me to the light…Get me through the night”
    Through that strong melodic figure that made it the song’s focal point, Chicosci created a combined melody and harshness. It may sound weird but right, that’s what it is.

Chicosci’s self-titled album “Chicosci“: A Promise

  •  “Cause you are my beloved ghost…”Honestly, this album of Chicosci is different from their previous albums. If you are expecting heavy sound then do not expect that to this one because Chicosci album is just like those common emo bands that used a line of melodic guitar riff combined with the emotional vocals of Miggy. But overall, the song “A Promise” is very serene to ears though Miggy’s soft and mellow vocal style dominated the song. I still enjoyed it.

Also from the album “Chicosci”: 7 Black Roses

  • I certainly love the lyrics of this song. I’m thinking if this song made them the title “emo” because the overall melody of the song is somewhat the emo-type of music. I’m not saying it isn’t nice it is actually. I love how Miggy’s vocal style jived to the song. It isn’t questionable why the album became a hit.

(Love this live performance! Enjoy!)

Chicosci: Paris

  • For 52 weeks, this song holds the record for most number of weeks a song has stayed in the countdown. The said countdown was the NU107 Midnight Countdown where Chicosci got the award title Song of the Yearaward back in 2002. Paris has been described as highly infectious. Check out this video and be infected again.

Chicosci: Last look

  • “Can I be a little selfish? And I swear I’ll come back home to you” Sure, this lyrics hit “the feels” out of you. From its obviously emo-themed music video, it really marked on the “Emo-era “. Miggy’s voice was more emphasized those minimal screams and soft tone of voice. The song really ends up a hit.

(For better audio quality)

From the album, Fly Black Hearts: Diamond Shotgun

  • Following the album Best in 2007, Chicosci released this album with their hit single Diamond Shotgun (Lock and Load). I actually find the beat of this song like as if I’m on a battle (which was depicted on its music video) I felt like I’m about to kill the antagonist of my life or what while the line “Fly black hearts into the sky we’re never meant to fall~” plays in the background. Silly but the song is indeed timeless. I’m still rocking to this song,

From the album Revenge of the Giant Robot: Sink or Swim

  • That feeling when you want someone back, and then suddenly you remember how much that person pains you, you instantly take it back. Sink or Swim nailed it.

Chicosci: Chicosci Vampire Social Club

  • When we’re all fed up with all the bullsh*t of life, haters, criminals, failures, heartaches and the likes, let’s toast and leave the rest to the people who cares singing “I’ll raise my glass to you!”

(Reminiscing memories on this song? Here’s the official MV !)

Also from the album Fly Black Hearts: Breathe Again

  • The lyrics used a lot of symbolism that may represent (based on my own interpretation) a guy wanting to be loved, asking for a second chance that may not be given. Thus, the song gave a remarkable impact to their fans or to heartbroken people as well.



From Chicosci’s album “Icarus”: Theme from Conversations with Fire

  • Seriously, Miggy’s voice is totally high-pitched in this song and I love the lyrics. I could feel how Miggy illustrates someone’s thirst for love that turned in despair. Overall, this song gives a feeling of foreboding but at the same time meditating.

Truly, that “emo-era” has played a huge part in our teenage days. As a matter of fact, it also taught us the essence of solitary by learning to enjoy your own company. Chicosci contributed one of the amazing songs to remember from 2000s and became a part of our…should I called it adolescence? is a memorable event in our life. Same thing, when the first time you feel hurt, memorable right? But it was indeed worth the time to remember.



Are you also a fan? What Chicosci song marked your “Emo-era”?
























REVIEW: Imago’s best live performances with Aia De Leon and new lead vocalist Mayumi Gomez


Imago was formed 1997 with Aia De Leon as vocalist. It was 2013 when she decided to leave the band to prove something to herself where she also took the chance of joining The Voice PH and unluckily did not passed. Way back year 1999 when Imago’s violinist, Michelle Pritchard and bassist, Arvin Gatmaitan parted ways to the band, Michelle followed her other passion, race car driving which lead her to become a regular competitor in the Filipino motorsports scene while Arvin is currently pursuing a business career. Overall, it was good because they both had a great track. Mayumi Gomez took the lead completing Imago as Myrene “Maps” Academia in bass, Tim Cacho in guitars, Zach Lucero in guitars and Mervin Panganiban in drums to top-off the almost-ruined Imago.


It has been nineteen years when Imago took part in the music industry and since then, they never fail to give out timeless songs. This led them to gain reputation on the OPM. After all those tough yet inspiring years, Imago has surely left great performances that made them even more known and admired by the public. I have here 8 Imago’s outstanding live performance to revert back and reminisced.



  • Imago at the NU Rock Awards 2007

Singing “Walang Misteryo” from their third album BLUSH , Aia rocked the awards night moving and dancing her way to the crowd while perfectly performing their song. It was obviously a great performance. It is just that Aia had been so playful that her audience might no longer understand the lyrics. This is the only video I got from Youtube, too bad due to antiquity the video quality is too low.

  • Imago- Sundo at the Earthday Jam 2012

I love the idea of making “Sundo” into a slower jam. For me, this was their best performance among these eight performances. Aia’s voice was clearly heard. Also the musical instruments weren’t that loud unlike their other performance.

  • Imago- Akap at MyxMo! 2015

I liked the hype that Mayumi used before their performance started. It is just that I think it would be much better if she used “Hmmmm” instead of “WoooOOOoooo”. Anyway, normal is boring I guess, Mayumi thought of it the same so she came up with a genuine hype the “WoooOOOoooo”. The whole performance is totally good. I felt like Mayumi really tried her best to mark her own personality in some of Imago’s original tracks. Good job there, Mayumi!

  • Imago- Sundo with Mayumi Gomez at 12 Monkeys 2016

This was originally sang by Aia De Leon way back 2007. It’s a good thing that Mayumi maintain the attitude that Aia left when singing this song. Honestly, this is my favorite song of Imago among their entire songs. So I find it nice when Mayumi sang it the same as what it was then. The performance just needs a little more intensity to hype the crowd.

  • Imago- Akap at the Magnet Jam 2010

I don’t know, Is it just me or the musical instruments really dominated Aia’s voice or maybe the microphone was the problem. Whatever it is still the entire performance was good enough to satisfy the audience.

  • Imago with Mayumi Gomez at Net 25 Pambansang Almusal 2014

The instrumental contributes to the whole performance. I also enjoyed how Mayumi swayed her way to attract and get the attention of the viewers. All in all, I think Mayumi has improved from her first appearance to the group and I am hoping to see more from her.

  • Imago- Taning with new vocalist Mayumi at RX Concert Series 2014

New vocalist, new drummer but same song. Imago performed “Taning” which was included in their Take 2 album. It actually sounded terrible. I couldn’t hear the voice of Mayumi though yes, I’m pretty sure she did an amazing performance. I was hoping for the technicalities to be fixed earlier before the band performed. Sure, it’ll be an outstanding performance.

  • Aia De Leon- “AKAP” at Secret Shop Shoppers 2015

First of all, I agree to what Aia is pointing out before she started to perform when she was stating her reasons why she left Imago, “When you are being dictated that you already have forgotten to listen to yourself. You’ll surely get lost.” It was nice that she opened about the issue because at that time their fans were still in state of curiosity on why she had left. Now, reverting back to her performance, Aia didn’t change. Like seriously, her voice, on how she sang “Akap” it’s still the same. I could feel the spirit of the original Imago performing live through Aia. I could also feel her dedication when singing the song as if she was dedicating the song to herself. It was actually an all-out acoustic performance. I’d also like to commend her back-up musician in beat box or what. He also did a great job there.

I believe that it was definitely a painful and arduous journey for Aia because you know, finding yourself is difficult especially when you don’t know where to start. I admire Aia for being brave to take the risks of making such big decision. We all know that she already had a great career with her band so it was really a shocking report when she finally left them. Truly when you get lost in a crowd, it is really hard to find yourself. It’s like you no longer know who you are and what you are. Also, the core or the foundation that must be there inside you is absent so what happens is that you do not feel existence of that guts to be a blessing to others. I absolutely agree to that. You cannot inspire others if you couldn’t see what you are trying to tell them. Believe me, it is hard. So I salute Aia for having that strong decision. In relation to her departure, Aia believes that Imago should keep on keeping on without her saying (in her past interviews), “Institution na ang Imago; and Imago is bigger than me.”


So far, Imago is still rocking the crowd with Mayumi Gomez as the new vocalist. When she started to be with the band, Mayumi admitted that following the departure of Aia, she was concerned about the crowd accepting her as the new front of Imago because their fans might think that the band will entirely change but no, as a band they were cool. Kapit has been a successful album. I’m looking forward for another soon-to-be timeless song that will be released by Imago with Mayumi Gomez.


Kudos, Imago!


Master of Cloaks


And when that day comes
You will summon yourself alone
Wear your attitude
See if it’ll works

You lifts your spirit through words
Supports them with unfathomable actions
Egocentric and undeniably conceited
Is it boon or bane?

Go and name your endeavors
Conceal your little envy
For if one has seen the manifestations
That filthy outlook will be your armor.


© to  A. Arcillas


“Death Becomes You” 2006 — Black and White Street Photographs of New York City by Matt Weber

Look at the poison leaching out onto the cement. Everywhere I look, I still see teenagers smoking and I find it hard to believe. When I was a kid of 13, smokes were 45¢ a pack. Fast forward 13 years and I can not finish a cigarette. My lymph nodes started burning so bad after […]

via “Death Becomes You” 2006 — Black and White Street Photographs of New York City by Matt Weber

The Good Points of being Single


Let say for example, you are in a relationship as of NOW. You feel loved and cared of. You feel the intensity of affection as you two get along together for long time. You are being thought about. You can have whatever you need, sometimes. You have shoulders to lean on. You have your best friend/boyfriend. It feels good, right?


But have you ever thought of reverting back to the time when you were just alone, enjoying your own time doing the things that no one would care or no one will be worried? That time when the only person that could hurt you is just yourself alone. The only thing that you will cry about is when you have nothing to eat.

Let me ask you, haven’t you missed being single?


I have seen this quote saying “Single is not a status, it is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.” I agree to this one. Why wouldn’t I do so? It actually lifts up the self-esteem of single people to be happy and stand alone. Recently, I was on a bus going somewhere just to stroll and enjoy myself when I suddenly thought of these perks and good points of being single. I would gladly share it all. You might realize certain things as well. Who knows?


  • You can play anytime and anywhere you would want to. Literally speaking here, for gamer like me I always find time to play my favorite video game so every time I think about getting into relationship, I always think that it might get ruined. Don’t get me wrong here. There are different types of guys. What if I got the “Kill joy” type? How will I focus on my games? And not only that, boyfriends tend to be worried at all times. Yes, there were some. I have this habit of playing my mobile games anywhere I’m at like on a bus, at parks and the likes. So if he’ll continue to ask how I am, I might lose the mood of playing my games. (Note: What I am stating here is my own situation. Sure, we’re not the same. And please, do not say it’s a childish thinking because to let you know, there were some out there who shared the same perception like mine.) Generally, it’s like if you are single. you are free.


  • Less expense – Why not when it’s just yourself that you need to spend your money on. Let’s be real. People in a relationship tend to spend more than those single people. Why? Think about the birthdays of each other. “Oh it’s your mom’s birthday, what to buy?” “Oh your dad is celebrating his 60th birthday, what something special should I buy him?” Did you guys get my point here? Once you got in a relationship, you stop putting yourself first you must consider your significant other’s side as well. Although, some will say, “But they were not asking for a gift, why bother to give something?” Nope, that will surely make your name starts to fade to your guy’s family. And we all know we hate that. So yes, if you are single, you have the higher chances to save more unless you’re such a glutton or materialistic. Beep~


  • NO worries about your significant other’s absence. Oh come on, people in a relationship is so guilty to this one. “Why is he not texting back?” “Seen??!” “He’s with his friends. Is there any girls there?” Stressful, isn’t it (I’m not trying to boycott people in a relationship. I’m stating a fact here, okay?) But face it; single people don’t deal with that.


  • Zero scrutiny on social media sites.”I accidentally searched my ex. Had to delete this one.” “Is there any way to delete my activity log? Babe will surely be pissed off.” Yup, every partner thinks at some point like that. You even have to delete your browser history due to malicious contents. With single people, that aren’t an issue, I mean there’s no issue about that.


  • Unexpected migration to a certain city, job opportunities and any other life altering decisions won’t be so hard. There will be no dramatic farewell to your boy/girlfriends because you think of what’s going to happen, the effects and how will it went. People in a relationship are simply having a hard time to be away from their partners because of two things: trust issues and changes. That’s self-explanatory, you know them to yourself. Now with single people, these are just easy to decide because all you need to deal with when it comes to those matters are your parents alone or maybe your friends.



There you have it the perks and good points of being single. Again, all of these things are for singles alone. In a relationship people might think about it as well. This is really nothing to do with break-ups. Independence could be gain also by someone staying at your side as long as you know for yourself that he/she is helping you to grow and not pampering you till you didn’t know how to stand alone.


Cheers to all single ladies and gentlemen. You guys are free to live on your own.











10 Facts you probably didn’t know about KJWan


Fan of OPM songs? What about Filipino hard rock bands? If you do, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about KJWan, the rock band which was formed by 2003, with its members Kelly Mangahas in bass, Boogie Romero in lead guitar, Enrique de Dios in keyboards, EO Marcos in drums and TV Host also occasional actor, Marc Abaya in vocals, which was also known for songs such as “Daliri”, and “Aking Pangako” which they released in dedication for the Fallen 44.

But what else do you know about KJWan?


To all the KJWan fans out there, I have here 10 facts that you guys need to check if already added to your “WTFacts-OPMBandbook” (let’s call it that way) Who knows, you probably missed these facts and might want to add some too. Just saying.


  • KJWan vocalist, Marc Abaya is the former guitarist of the Filipino alternative rock band Sandwich. (Oh C’mon! How can he leave my favorite band? Anyways, we all have our own dream to pursue, Isn’t it? Maybe Marc Abaya dreamed to have his own band. If that’s the case, so be it. At least, he ended up well.)



  • KJWan’s third album 13 Seconds to Love is inspired by the fact that a great song can be determined in just thirteen seconds. Kjwan_-_13_Seconds_to_Love_(FRONT_COVER)Furthermore, the album also marks the former guitarist Jorel Corpus breaks with the band to pursue his studies at Berklee College of Music. Where? Google it, folks. No, I’m just kidding. Boston, Massachusetts.


  • J-hoon Balbuena, the band’s drummer has decided to retire his drumsticks to pursue his passion as a DJ. (Awww–Sometimes we really need to let go something for a change and look J-hoon might be hitting not only his drums but the entire clubs soon. Amazing!)


  • Another fact for KJWan’s vocalist Marc Abaya. He dedicated their song “Focus” to his fellow bandmates who continue to inspire him to try his best and become not only a better musician but also a better person. (I have listened to this song and yes, if you got buddies to lean on, you’ll surely relate to this. Beautiful.)
  • Marc Abaya wrote best songs for his former band Sandwich (it was in the album Four Track Mind) which did not sell. And guess what, it was his most personal album. (Wow… Just wow.)


  • The band’s name KJWan came from Jun’s(their member also, i guess)experience during his Statistics class. He was asked to write an equation on the board when suddenly his professor who’s not fluent in English insists that there was missing and just kept on saying “Kwan! Kwan!(Not sure if that’s how it’s spelled) The members looked up for the symbol. Voila! they ended up choosing the band name KJWan.


  • You might be wondering what’s with the “J” in KJWan when it’s pronounced as “KWAN”. Well, it stands for Jorel who was the band’s former guitarist. It was actually Jorel Corpus who added the “J” in KJWan just for it to have the silent “J” or you know to make the band name cool and genune.


  • Before the members decided KJWan as their name, they also come up with silly ones like Glass, Pintura which sounded closely to Pantera (an American heavy metal band) so nah that one was rejected.pantera_IJ1BJR84.jpg


  • Due to their drummer issues (After J-hoon Balbuena left)the members tried hard to court EO Marcos to play as their official drummer that Kelly Mangahas even asked him to went out and drink Soju. (So it’s like the luring or taming thing to EO Marcos) Overall, it’s a good thing that EO joined the band.


  • Have you ever thought who the oldest is in the band? It’s Inky De Dios but according to the group itself, he’s really brilliant.

    Inky De Dios


  • EO Marcos is the youngest and the eye candy of the band. Abaya mentioned during their interview in Radio Republic, all the girls that watch them are in favor for EO. (Honestly, while watching their interview I find the smile of EO kind of attractive maybe that’s his asset. Hmmm…)

    eo marcos
    EO Marcos playing his drums



  • Enrique “Inky” De Dios is also a member of the premiere Afro-Brazilian percussion ensemble in the Philippines, the Brigada which composed of about 20 members. I am not amazed about it because of what the group performs. It really needs a huge company to complete.


KJWan has been in the music industry for 13 years, known not just for their hard-hitting music, but also for their pristine musicality. The band went through thick and thin, ups and downs. Reminiscing the breaks of their former members with the band although it was understood surely the original members of the band missed the old bond.

Overall, I could say KJWan has that great relationship with each other though yes, we can all assume that mostly bands used to have great relationship with one another, there’s that thing that make KJWan genuine when it comes to  giving value of their bond. Each personalities, past, habits, friends and even families were all accepted and that is what made this band entirely genuine–the acceptance for everyone.

There you go KJWan fans. I hope I give out enough facts for you and also I’m hoping you got something to add in your “WTFacts-OPMBandbook”.


For now, I’ll just chill out and listen to 13 Seconds to Love, my favorite KJWan song.




Enter the Dungeon, Go and Explore the Dungeon Quest


While Pokemon Go is the hottest and most popular game nowadays, hitting all its way making Pokemon fans hog-wildly interested I’m just here sitting and chilling’ checking out what game could be more interesting to play. Yes, Pokemon Go is truly interesting despite of what danger it could bring it is just that the way players reacted to the game, the way they played it(I have friends who play the game so I know stuffs about it) I already feel like I’m playing it. Why did I say so? Have you ever observed your friends playing Pokemon Go? They usually swipe their Smartphone upwards to throw a pokeball, battle with other Pokemon go players, Go to Pokestop, Poke Gym and the likes. See? You get what I’m saying? I am not playing the game and yet I know how to play it. Where’s the thrill then? Thrill is what I’m looking for in a game, something a bit strange that in order for me to discover the entire game I need to play it first, not by just simply sneaking out of it.

Are you a fan of RPG? I’m not but I discovered this game that really got my interest. And leads me to try and explore the game.

Dungeon Quest is a free (not pay to win) ARPG with random loot & dungeons set in 4 acts with 4 elemental enemies to brawl: poison, ice, shock/electric, and fire.

Overall, there are 200 floors to complete in order to collect loots and complete the quests. There are also 3 characters to choose from: Wizard, Warrior and Rogue (the archer). It depends on the player which among these heroes will be their choice that could surely vanquish the entire enemies. Check out the official game trailer.

Now, what’s the catch?

Sure, Dungeon Quest was produced years ago that it seems such an old game to you. I have researched about it: reviews, features, game play… etc. And voila! The game has updated. It features one of the things that I wanted it to have in the first place– the battle arena wherein you can battle and team up with other players (I actually have the outdated version and was not updated so I’m not aware that the game already had this features)

What else?
Here are some of the updated features for Dungeon Quest Patch 2.1: Ascension

Once your character reaches level 99 you can choose your first Ascension Perk for your character and you can purchase this within game gold from the Shop. This seems cool but the level requirement requires me to keep on playing. (Nice one, ShinyBox) Let me just remind you, I haven’t tried this one yet because as I have said I got the outdated version.


DQ battle arena.png
League and Division placement is now based entirely on your matchmaking rating
All new Arena Level system is used to unlock new vanity Auras. Each match played earns you experience.
A greater chance to earn Rare, Epic, Legend or Eternal items from Chests in an Arena.

Dependent Affix – Gain a bonus once you reach the requirement described on the item. This will reward players who like to use builds not typically seen or used in the various game modes for DQ.

DQ dependent affix.PNG

Negative Affix – Collect the new Seven Deadly Sins set to benefit from extremely powerful items. It is also important to note that this affix cannot be removed. According to, they would like to add negative affix to Legend Items with highly desired/powerful effects as a trade-off for the desired effect. (Isn’t that sounds interesting?)

DQ negative affixes.PNG


IMMUNE AFFIXES (I’m also waiting for this.) that could be rolled using Ruby.
Taunt Immune – Cannot be Taunted
All Healing – Increases Healing by HP on Hit, Regen, Potions and Orbs by (rank)%
Push the Limit – Increases Resource Cost and Total Dmg by (rank)%
Barbarian – Increases (rank)% DMG at the cost of (rank)% Total Resource

Patch 2.1 will introduce 9 new sets. This set gives me the drill to begin this Ascension version. I’m not familiar with it, entirely clueless.
Aethereal Drain – Increases Elemental Crit Chance by (rank) % and Total MP by (rank2) %, elemental crits restore 1% MP. Removes MP Regen
Scoundrel – Skills -> Quick Attack and BlinkStrike. (Rank)% to cast Sentry on attack, (rank2) % to cast Stealth on hit
Seven Deadly Sins – Increases the value of all Percent based affixes on all gear by (rank) % (excluding Crystal Affixes). +All Sets cap is 0.
Masochism – Increase DMG by (rank) % while below 75% Health. When above 50% HP, Healing effects damage you.
Smoke Screen – Smoke bombs are now cast on a random enemy within (rank) yards
Cerebral Vortex– Increases MP and Total Resist% by (rank). (rank2)% Chance to cast a Torrent on enemies that hit you
Mayhem – For each unique spell proc you can trigger, gain (rank) % Proc DMG and (rank2) % Chance to Stun on all attacks
Epiphany – Increases all stat caps by (rank) %
Berserker – Chance to stun enemies is equal your Attack Speed on gear. Each time you stun an enemy, restore (rank) % HP.

True to the fact, Dungeon Quest is really an interesting ARPG and will surely be admired by RPG fans. As part of all the new features of DQ, I have some of it that left me in dismay and confusion.

I’m kind of confused to this one. According to DQ’s description in Google Play store, “Bring your other characters into your adventures using the new Hireling System” Does this mean if I have more than one character in a game (which is possible with DQ), I could use it, but how? Who’s going to control it? Is it going to be tagged as “Computer” or what? Maybe I need to clarify this to the developers of DQ via Twitter.

First of all, what’s an AI? I really don’t have any idea about it. I can now create an army? That’s great but army of what? My pets? I guess not. Hmmm… maybe because of my outdated version. Poor me. I’m literally confused here, guys.

I have read that this new pet system will let me choose a follower to aid me in my journey. Is there something new about it? I don’t think so. Pets do that even in the outdated version. (I’m completely kind of lost in this updated game, if you know about these stuffs, go ahead and comment below. I badly need to know)
And lastly, what are those League Points? It is also included and one of the features in DQ Patch 2.1 and is now removed. I just need to know its purpose. Is it very important to the game?

As of now I’m in Act 2(Rare), Floor 50 and I already got 2 “Astral or Legendary items”, still hoping to get more when I get to update it. Again, let me remind you right now I still got the outdated version so I don’t have any idea what will happen if I am to update it. So far I would say the game is fun to play. I have this thinking that it’ll be a much-hit to some gamer due to its unusual features. I got very confused to the game since it was updated but this leads me to the excitement to go ahead and update the game app installed in my phone. If you guys wanted to know more about the game, check out their website at and oh before I forgot, there’s also a board game called Dungeon Quest. I don’t think it is relevant to the Dungeon Quest that I was talking about here, I just need to mention that because you guys might get confuse to these two.

Alright, I guess I need not to play Pokemon Go because Dungeon Quest got me. Hope you tried this one, folks. Let me know how far you’ve come.

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